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Welcome to ZeroZen Design!

We know that having a website built can be a pain in the ass. They cost a lot of money and take way too long to build... but not ours!

We build affordable websites for small businesses all over the world. We work with clients LIVE, and most sites are finished in about 2 hours.

And the best part about working with us is...

You don't have to pay us unless you are really happy with the results and you want to pay us for our time.

Thanks for checking us out. Let's build something great together!

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Consulting Hours


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    We won't waste your time

    You're busy and we know it. If you find we're not the right fit for you, let us know. We promise we won't cry.

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    We won't waste your money

    If you don't feel like we are worth the money, don't pay. We don't think you should pay for something you won't use.

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    We won't speak in 1's and 0's

    The internet can be complicated. We'll do our best to explain things in a way that makes sense to you.

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