Yoga Website Review – Yoga East Chattanooga TN


In this website review, well be looking over a Yoga website belonging to Yoga East.

In this website review we'll discover:

  1. Why a simple header makes people happier.
  2. The importance of great imagery on your website.
  3. How to get the most out of newsletter opt-ins
  4. The best way to integrate MindBody into your website
  5. Why creating a socially driven website is great for more business

1. Keep your website header simple

A simple website header is not only important to a Yoga website, but is important for anyone who wants to maximize a visitors dwell time (time on your website).

Keeping your navigation simple means people have less choices. When people are presented with less options it is actually easier for people to make a decision of where to go next. In this Yoga website, becky does a great job at keeping her navigation straightforward and simple. The design itself could be improved, but from a content perspective - she's doing a good job.

2. Great imagery is important... if done right

Just about any yoga website design will pack a thousand pictures of their studio, people looking at the ground, down-dog, up-dog, and other pretzel like positions impossible for me to accomplish. Are these images really worth sacrificing valuable real estate on your website? The answer is NO! The area above the fold (what people see when they first arrive at your site) is prime for powerful photos that

a) set you apart
b) have a purpose

Use photos will call to actions that result in a click deeper into your website - preferably to a page that creates a sale, lead, or client.

3. A Yoga website is powered by opt-ins!

As a Yoga studio, your job is to maximize your exposure to friends and family members of people who already love you. Going to Yoga is a social solitary experience. It's like drinking a beer. Sure - you can drink alone and it provides the same result as drinking out with friends, but drinking out with friends builds friendships and experiences. Include an opt-in on your website that directly connects you with your community and customers. By sharing bi-weekly or monthly newsletters with them, they will in-turn share you with their friends and family.

Getting people to opt-in on your website can be a tricky task. In the case of a yoga website or any other website with varying schedules, consider offering a printable class schedule sent straight to subscribers emails each month. In return for an email, subscribers get a simple way to be reminded of when their next class is. A win-win!

4. Integrate Mind Body using Heal Code

MindBody is a super simple way to manage classes, schedules, instructors, registration and more from a single platform. They've really done a good job at simplifying one of the hardest parts of owning a Yoga studio and integrating scheduling functionality into your website HOWEVER... using MindBody alone means your brand suffers. In a normal setting, MindBody integrates in a way that takes people away from your site to interact with your MindBody account. This is a big NO, NO!

Keeping people on your website is important for your search engine rankings as well as your business. Because of this little flaw, HealCode was created. HealCode makes integrating MindBody with your website easy and painless. visitors enjoy an end-to-end branded experience and all the power of MindBody is delivered straight to your website's pages.

5. Build a social community online

Owning and running a Yoga website means packing in as much social content into it as you can... smartly. By creating ways for social content to live on your website, visitors see the social proof of community. Displaying this community means visitors see that your Yoga studio is made up of a congregation of like-minded Yoga-goers just like them! 

Let class participants know you are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and whatever latest social platforms have sprouted. This will get them involved in your studio socially. All the activity is recorded on your website and visitors take notice.

Your Yoga website can be a socially driven powerhouse that keeps your classes full, and customers engaged!


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