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Should You Invest in the Web?

You probably already know this:

By year 5, most small businesses close up shop and call it quits.

But do you ever wonder why? Well, today's your lucky day!

  1. 19% of them are beat out by competitors
  2. 23% say they didn't have the right team
  3. 29% run out of money
  4. 42% say there just wasn't enough need for their product or service
  5. 82% experienced a cash flow issue and the sought greener pastures

The most interesting statistic (and the one that ties all these together) is 66% of small business owners today say finding new clients and customers is their top concern.

I'm no Rocket Scientist or statistics guru, but if a majority of small businesses have a hard time finding people to pay them, then #1, #3, #4, and #5 above are direct results of not making their business visible enough.

So how do you ensure your business will last and not become another business statistic?

Invest in the web!

There are people looking for your products, services, and knowledge. They can't find you if you don't invest in your business presence online.

"But David, my market is really competitive and there is no way I'm going to show up in search results"

This may be true, but showing up in search results only makes up a small fraction of how you can get found online!

and we can help!

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You're the VIP

We don't have clients at ZeroZen. We have members.

What's the difference you ask?

A client is someone you work with for a specific period of time and then look forward to the next client.

In the web design world, the small business landscape is littered with misfit clients. They've got some sort of website and no "web person" to help with it.

Members are different.

Here's what I mean - 

Being a member implies you belong to something and that's just what we are going for.

Our goal is for our members to feel like they belong to something elite.

And you do!

We understand that the website is just the beginning. It is just the place where people land and decide if they want to work with you or buy your products.

But how do you get them there?

How do you write content that is compelling enough to get them to take action?

What are some easy online tools for growing your business?

Our members know the answers because we tell them.

Take a look at the Member Perks.

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