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Site Speed

How fast does your website pages load? This is a very important factor in Google ranking and visitor usability. If your website is slow, you are likely losing visitors before the page loads.

Social Engagement

How easy do you make it for visitors to interact with your content on social media? Social media can be one of the easiest methods of being found. This review will let you know.

SEO Analysis

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is based on many factors both onsite and off. This report will give you insight into how well your current site is optimized for search engines.

Link Analysis

Did you know part of your website rankings on Google depend on how connected your site is? Not only do you need links coming to your site, but also links from your website to other sites. Are you connected?

Mobile Testing

In 2014, the number of searches performed on mobile devices passed computer based searches. Having a "mobile friendly" website is a must. Let's find out how your website stacks up.

Code Analysis

Website coding standards are constantly changing. How does your site's code stack up? This is the only free website review that will show you. A well coded site lasts much longer.

Sample website review

The automated site reviews spits out a 12-page in-depth report to show you how well your website's pages are performing.

Use the free report to improve your website or build an affordable website from the beginning.

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Why is a website review important?

Optimizing your website starts with knowing how your website is already performing. A site review like this one can point out the areas of your site that need attention.

Let's face it

There is always room for improvement. Clean up unnecessary junk, optimize your on-page content for Search Engines, and get ahead of your competitors. 

How fast your site pages load is an extremely important factor in how your website is ranked.

The Google monster knows that fast loading websites pages are less frustrating for visitors and tend to create a better user experience. If someone has to wait for your site to load, they will simply move on to the next one in the list.

This is especially important for mobile users. They want on-demand content that they can quickly read on the go. If your page takes too long to load on their mobile device, you'll lose them. Guaranteed!

Want another great page speed review? Check out Google PageSpeed Insights.

How secure is your website?

When websites and WordPress plugins are not updated regularly, you become a hacking and malware target. More often than not, updates contain a small improvement to security that you need.. When you don't do those updates some pimple faced teen in a dark room is ready to do damage.

If you want to do a free site security scan, check out Sucuri's tool.

It's all about the SSL

It's official! Google has told the public that they give ranking priority to website's that are encrypted.

In simple terms, this means your site has an https:// vs an http:// in front of the domain name. This little "s" means that a security certificate has been signed, sealed, and delivered on the domain.

If you don't have an SSL, it isn't the end of the world. Your website won't be crashing in a blaze of glory anytime soon. It simply means if a competitor's site is secure and yours is not, you run the risk of letting them take all the clients in a search result.

If you want an SSL for FREE, check out Let's Encrypt.

If you are hosting with SiteGround (my preferred hosting company), the SSL can be installed in 1 click.

Believe it or not, this is where this website review will help the most.

A lot of people think SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a complicated thing. It really isn't. You just need to know where to start.

When you use the website review form above, you'll notice it asks for a keyword. This is because the review tracks how well your particular page is targeting that keyword for SEO. In other words, when someone types in that keyword into Google, how optimized is your content for that searcher?

There are two great tools for SEO if you have a WordPress website.

The first is WordPress SEO by Yoast. This plugin has been around forever and has over a million people using it worldwide. It is free.

The second plugin is my favorite and also has a free version but it is a bit limited. The plugin is called Squirrly SEO. If you really like the free version and want the paid version but just don't have $20/mo to spend, contact me.

You probably don't know this

but link health is extremely important for good SEO. My website review will check onsite links to see if you have any issues. Sometimes we decide to change the link to a page on our site and completely forget to update any necessary links. It happens.

Fixing broken links or updating existing links isn't hard. It is also one of those areas you can do yourself to improve review results.

Think of website traffic as the blood in your veins. Without it you would simply die.

Site traffic is influenced by several things I talked about above.  Load time, SEO, and security all play an important role in  air-time.

You can improve your site traffic through social media. (Facebook,Youtube, Instagram, blogs, etc). Placing social media links onto your website brings traffic to those individual sites, but making sure to place the link your website on the social media platforms are very important. In doing so, all platforms point directly to your main source of content, your website. If your goal is to improve growth

Having well thought out content and layout on a website is only half the battle. Now you need to get a people to love it.

Designing a site for mobile users first can help to make sure your website is not going to be frowned at by Google. To do this, reduce the amount of unnecessary content just for mobile devices. This means large photos, audio files, and anything else that just doesn't belong. These excess files will slow down the entire site. On mobile, 

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