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Let me transform your website then manage it end-to-end


From: The Desk of David Bentley

Guest Speaker, Conversion Expert, Web Nerd, Marine Corps Veteran, Former Police Officer, Dad of 5

Dear Friend,

I have three simple questions to ask you:

  1. "Do you think your website is great?"
  2. "Are you getting the leads and calls you want?"
  3. "Do you have a nerd on speed-dial in case of a website emergency?"

If your answer is no:

DO NOT leave this page without reading the headlines below (at a minimum).

offer-he-cant-refuse v2

My team and I have built thousands of websites for small businesses and organizations around the globe, ones like yours included. 

The truth is I love working with people who don't like to spend a lot of money on things like websites.


Because these are the people that say WOW when they see results from a website done right.

But Here's the Truth

I DON'T want to sell you a website today !


I want to build you a new one FOR FREE!

Ok, so what's the catch? Right?

Here's the Offer

  • 1

    A Completely Free Website Makeover

    Me and my team of web ninjas will transform your sad and boring site into a Google and visitor approved WordPress website that you can easily edit in 1-2 days. (includes premium site tools worth over $499/yr)

and ONLY if you love it...

  • 2

    We'll Launch & Manage It For You

    With the ZeroZen Membership, everything is covered - Hosting, SSL (https), Fast Support, Regular Maintenance, Technical Updates, Troubleshooting, Problem Fixing, Uptime Monitoring, Visitor Reporting and more. It's all included!

Cost: $800 $425/yr


If You Don't Like The Website... We Refund The Full Amount


Actual Member Websites

Your website will be built using WordPress - the website platform powering a majority of all websites today.

Yes, as a matter of fact, we specifically design the site to be optimized for mobile visitors.

Yes, we prefer this. We will show you exactly how to make adjustments on your own. If you have questions, jump on live chat or send us an email and we will give you step-by-step instructions for doing what you need to get done.

No problem. We can help with that.

We use the existing content on your website, from your Facebook page, Linkedin, and any other areas we can find information about your company. If we don't have content, you have two options - write the content for us to add or work with one of our partners who can create the content for you.

Here's How the Membership Plan Takes Care of Your New Website

  • Makes sure it's loading

    Some website owners have no idea their website is even offline. We monitor our member websites and if something happens - we react.

  • Makes sure it's loading fast for visitors

    Slow loading sites is one of the biggest reasons people leave a website.

  • Makes sure everything is working

    For some reason, random things will decide to stop working, or not work right. We try to prevent this from happening and fix it quickly if it does.

  • Makes sure there's no hacked files or Malware

    I found out about Malware the hard way. It can really do some damage. If something happens, we can fix it quickly.

  • Makes sure everything is up to date

    One of the easiest ways to prevent hacking and Malware is keeping plugins and WordPress up to date.

  • Makes sure you don't get nickled and dimed

    Adjustments here and there add up. Under the membership plan, we are happy to take care of periodic adjustments or additions.

  • Makes sure you know what we're up to

    Transparency is everything. This is why we send out a monthly report about your site and our activity.

  • Makes sure it's secure

    Having a secure website is the first defence in fraud and hacks.

  • Makes sure it's backed up

    We keep abundant backups of each site... just in case.

  • Plus more!

While we try to prevent a website from going offline, we can't guarantee it 100% There are a lot of variables working together. You will get an uptime report every month telling you about any downtime. Currently, our member sites online an average of 98.96% of the time.

No. The reason is - most hosting companies do a horrible job at customer service and support. We have worked closely with our hosting partner for years. In situations where a website isn't showing up like it should, we need someone dependable and quick to act. This is what we promise you and why we need partners we can depend on.

Contact your current hosting company and ask for a refund of unused time in your billing period.

Yes, your website will have https:// at the front of it. This means your website is encrypted. Sites without https:// often show an UNSECURE message to visitors. Not good for business.

Yes. You will get an activity report every month that reports on the following:

  • Our maintenance actions
  • Visitors to the website
  • Top 10 search terms
  • Uptime report
  • Backup activity

You can cancel anytime. If you cancel, your membership, including hosting, will remain until the end of the current subscription cycle. The website is yours to keep and we will move it to any hosting company you choose. All premium plugin license codes belonging to us will be removed from your site prior to moving it to the new hosting company.


The Honest Truth Is...

I could charge at least $800 a year for a new website, hosting, and support.

And even at $800/yr, it's affordable and hands-free. A perfect option for any serious business or organization.

But why do I build new websites AND babysit them so cheap?

Because I do it smartly!

I've been perfecting this process through thousands of hours, and thousands of websites.

I know EXACTLY what's going on, making it easier for me, and cheaper for you!

And why is this a win win?

"I prefer a bunch of people sticking with me and paying a few hundred bucks a year, than chasing after new clients and trying to convince them I'm great at what I do so they'll pay me thousands."

Here's the Complete List of What You Are Getting Today

  • A free, professional website (limited time)

    ($1,800 value)

  • Premium Website Plugins Installed

    ($499/year value)

  • Fast, secure website hosting

    ($239/year value)

  • Unlimited @yourdomain email addresses

    ($240/year value)

  • A fully encrypted site (https)

    ($63/year value)

  • Regular Technical updates

    ($540/year value)

  • Load time optimization

    ($36/year value)

  • Complete site security

    ($200/year value)

  • 24/7 site monitoring

    ($36/year value)

  • Daily backups x 3

    ($60/year value)

  • Fast technical support

    ($240/year value)

  • Live chat support

    ($120/year value)

  • Monthly Q and A

    ($120/year value)

A Total Value Over $4,000 in the 1st Year Alone!

But Today, It's Yours For Just $425 A Year (That's $35.41/mo (roughly 16 regular Starbucks coffees)

So Let's Get Started

Your Almost There!

Just fill out the form below to get us working for you.

You will be paying $800 $425 today. By doing so, you will be automatically renewing at the same rate on the same day each year unless cancelled.

  • risk-free-website

    Your Success. Guaranteed.

    If you don't like the site when we show it to you, let us know for a full, instant refund. If you don't feel fully satisfied with our support, expertise, or response time within the next 30 days, just let me know and I will again refund 100% of your invested amount. I promise you will have a good feeling about your decision to become a member.

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