The website maintenance plan

Websites break, it's a fact. With the web maintenance plan you're covered. 

Your business rests on the success of your website. Having a good website maintenance plan ensures you stay online & issues get resolved.

If you don't have maintenance plan for your website, you're not alone!

I would venture to say millions of small business website owners have no nerd support to back them up.

But here's the deal

Your website will break, and when it does it will cost more money than you would have spent on preventive and support services.

Maybe your shaking your head saying "nope... not me. My site has never had a problem!"

Awesome! But let me ask you a question...

Do you pay for oil changes for your car? Do you pay for some sort of car insurance? Why? You are less likely to have car problems than website problems.

Let's look at what the web maintenance plan covers that you are probably not doing on your own.


Very professional. Very knowledgeable. Quality product at the end. I used WIX previously and found it to be expensive and not user friendly. David was very easy to work with and a good teacher. I would highly recommend David to anyone.

Care Points - (review on Google)

The web maintenance plan has the bases coverd

I've learned a lot about how to build a website smartly. Building a "smart" website means less problems. The maintenance services included will reduce the risk of your website breaking, or being broken for a long time during an incident.

To start off, we only support WordPress websites.
No - shopify
No - Weebly
Only WordPress

With the website maintenance plan service, your site is covered before anything happens and if something does.


  • Plugin updates
  • WordPress updates
  • WooCommerce updates
  • Database review and optimization (cleanup)
  • Site speed monitoring & recommendations
  • Breach hardening

Incident Support:

  • Site loading slower than usual
  • Website not loading
  • Login issues
  • Standard plugin support*
  • Hacked website
  • Malware injections

In other words, we work hard to keep your website un and running so you can continue doing what you do best.

Affordable website maintenance cost

The cost for the maintenance plan is designed not to break the bank. You can easily find plans that are $100 - $500 bucks a month.

Personally, I think that is ridiculous, but in some cases - necessary.

The cost is: $35/mo - auto-charged every 3 months.

You might be thinking to yourself - "holy grapes! this is so much cheaper than what I have now" or cheaper than what you have seen.

You are probably right

There is a catch. You have to have a WordPress website that was built right. You also have to be hosting with this company.


I know they do a good job and they offer the best customer support hands down!

The cost is comparable to any other web hosting.

Learn more about maintenance eligibility below.


Can you subscribe to the website maintenance plan?

If you just landed on this website chances are you will need to work with me or take my website formula workshop.

These both cover the importance of building and structuring a WordPress website right.

Many developers build WordPress sites with 4 million plugins used. This is bad.


Plugins break, plugins don't like other plugins, the list goes on and on. A website built with less plugins using custom code means that code needs to be maintained and updated in some cases.

It has taken me a long time to figure out how to build websites smartly using the right plugins.

So - in order to qualify for the maintenance plan, your site must use the same plugins and be built with the same specs. This way I can ENSURE success.

Next it web hosting.

I maintain sites that are hosted by SiteGround only.

They are leading the way in website hosting and being hosted by them means your web maintenance cost is lower.

Let's go through a scenario to see why quick hosting support is important.

Suzy has a website.

It is hosted by an "other" hosting company. She wakes up one day and her website is not working at all. It is 5am.

She fills out a support ticket and my team looks into the issue. We can't locate the source of the issue so we try to contact the hosting company.

Support doesn't open until 8am. Hmmmm.

Suzy writes again - "What's going on with the site? When can I expect it to be online again?".

Get the picture?

This just means Suzy is mad at me for not following through on a service she is paying for but the fault is with the company she chose for hosting.

Interested in qualifying for our website maintenance by having a better website?

Use live chat on the website to ask questions, schedule a 1-on-1 website build or join the next website formula workshop.


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