The Website Formula webinar

A live 3-hour Website building workshop. Money-back Guarantee!

I've done the research. I've built over 1000 websites. This live webinar covers EVERYTHING I know about getting the right visitors to your website and turning them into value.

How much would you invest in your organization or company to make at a 10-15% increase in revenue in 6 months to a year?

$1,000? $5,000? $25,000?

How about $600? $375

Are you skeptical? GOOD!

Let's talk facts instead.

IF your website sees 100 visitors / month and you get 3 new clients / month, you have a conversion rate of 3%.

If the average value of each client is $2000, then you are generating $6000 / month from the website.

When you go through the Website Formula workshop, I'll show you the exact steps to:
1. Increase traffic
2. Increase conversion (more clients per visitor & more value per visit)

Now let's use the same formula...

Your newly thought out or re-created website gets 500 visitors every month. The average conversion rate of this site is 5% (conservative).

This means you get 25 new clients per month.

Your revenue went from...

6k / month


$50,000 per month!

How would that change your business and your life?

This is absolutely possible, and easier than you think.

Take a look at the screenshot below.

I'm using the exact keyword research, exact content strategies, exact image sourcing techniques and exact call to action placement rules I'll share with you...



What is the cost to be part of the Website Formula?

My everyday consultation rate is $200/hr.


I want everyone that owns a business, is starting a business, or needs a website to be able to afford the website formula workshop.

Register and join my upcoming session.

$375 for 3 hours + 1-on-1 email support.

That's it!

You can't even hire a sub par website designer and get a half-ass website at that price.


PLUS you also have nothing to lose.

I'm guaranteeing results. If you follow my instructions and do not make your investment back within 2-4 months, write me and I will refund your investment and you can keep implementing what you learned.

What does the live online webinar course include?

The Website Formula workshop is designed to be a turn-key solution to a kick-ass, high performance website. Here's what you can expect

  1. Personal search term analysis: I'll personally find and send you a list of keywords people are typing into search engines to find your type of business. During the webinar I'll show you how to narrow down the search term list to find the right ones for you.
  2. Introduction to SEO & Google: It took me a while to figure out what Google looks for in a website. Know this - If you launch a website on the internet, that doesn't mean it will show up on Google. There is a lot more to it. I'll cover the two things Google is looking for and how to make search engines "happy".
  3. Website Formula template: My website isn't laid out this way on accident. Everything on the site and on each page was placed based on data research. I'll cover the layout with you and some rules to follow to create a better conversion from visitor to value.
  4. How to structure your content: You will learn the exact content formula I use and how to structure your content within the site and within the pages. There is a science behind it and I've used it on this site to WIN online.
  5. How to write effective content: Writing a lot of content is easy. Writing effective content is a process. Search engines look at your site content to figure out what your pages are all about. They are paying attention to things like readability, keywords, and sentence structure. You will learn how to write content with 3 important principals in mind. I'll show you how... step-by-step.
  6. Converting visitors into value: With more visitors coming to your website, you have to be able to convert them to something of value. This doesn't always mean they put cash on the table right now. Getting an email address is just as valuable. In this phase

My guarantee to you

I am not here to waste anyone's valuable time or take your hard earned money if you don't find this event worth it.

Drop out of the live webinar before 3/4 of the way through and request your money back during the event by sending me an email, I'll refund it that day!

Refunds will not be given to people that request it after the event.


Live: Tuesday Nov 28 @ 11:30am (NY time)
Limited access available
$600 $375
Registration closes Nov 22nd

What if I can't attend the live event?

If you register and cannot attend the live event. No problem. I'll send the recording straight to your email.

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