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“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” — Pablo Picasso

If you've made it to this page you must be wondering...

Who is this lunatic?!

I'm, David Bentley, the founder of ZeroZen and the website formula you'll find on this site.

I call myself a web designer. I actually built my first website 7 years ago. To be completely transparent, I didn't even build it. I hired an Indian to build it for me.

Before I started ZeroZen, I was living in Spain trying to figuring out what I wanted to be when I grew up and what I wanted to do with my life. Web design wasn't always in the cards for me.

All I knew before this was carrying a gun.

I started my adult life in the Marine Corps. After Iraq, I left the Corps and became a police officer. Following law enforcement I headed overseas again, this time as a contractor in Afghanistan.

I was just as green at this as you might be.

The first few years I lived right at the poverty line but had no plan B if things didn't go well. I just told myself I would figure it out and keep on going until I made it as a web designer.

I never thought I would be a web designer in my lifetime. It never crossed my mind.

Today, I've got a great family. I'm a dad of 4 and I watch my amazing wife grow two incredible companies online, everyday! You should check her out here and here.

Besides web design, I invest in amazing people with amazing companies. I've recently began investing in real estate as well.


I love working with small businesses and entrepreneurs because that is where I can make the biggest impact.

Many of my clients around the world know me as more than a web designer. I help people figure out strategy and execution using technology to make it easier and more impactful. A website is just one small piece of the puzzle.

My business philosophy

It is easy to make money using the internet whether you have a brick and mortar location or an online enterprise.

For most people, just being shown how to succeed online is enough.

As a web designer, my goal is to make the website owning experience simpler and manageable.

As a consultant, my goal is to give you advice based on lessons learned and proven steps.

As an investor, my goal is to invest time and money that creates a visible return for me and those I love while giving back to the community and the world.


 Let's work together. Every dollar you pay me has a guarantee attached.

I hope I get the chance to work with you soon!

"David has very helpful, informative and easy to understand. His understanding of his product and clients is peerless. He spent 2 hours of his time at no cost to me , 2 hours which were a honest pleasure. I have had other consultations with other designers, none were as friendly, professional or capable as David. Bottom line, this is the man you want to build a website WITH you. 5 stars!"

Jeffrey W.

"Working with David from ZeroZen Design was a very easy and painless process for someone like me who is not any any tech savvy or has much knowledge about to how to design or create a website. I did not even have a domain name or a hosting site when we started and David helped me set all that up and launch my site for me."

Roselyn B.

"THEN I FOUND David! I wish I had found him 2 months ago! I thought "there is NO WAY" this guy can build a quality site in that time frame for that price. I am elated to say he proved me wrong."

Tiffany B.

"David has very high skills in both business and web design. The process was easy, David guides you through the development phase all the way to completion and implementation."

Leading Discovery Consulting

"David is very insightful and knows how to explain basic web design principles to newbies."

Lisa P.

"David at ZeroZen was fantastic! He worked one-on-one with me to design the perfect website for my new business...and at a very affordable cost. He provided top-notch advice and wisdom to insure my website was optimized for Google search and will be seen as often as possible by people looking for my services (market research consulting). I would HIGHLY recommend David and ZeroZen Design."

Adam E.

"I came across David Bentley of ZeroZen, and he was a godsend. He patiently explained basic design concepts to me in layman's terms. I found him to be down-to-earth, personable, very knowledgeable and extremely generous with his time and information. He was also creative in generating spontaneous, related ideas. I am very pleased to have made his acquaintance. He was enormously helpful, and I feel better equipped with knowledge now to continue work on my project."

Adam E.

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