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If you are a small business or entrepreneur and want to hire an affordable website design company to make a professional website for your business, we can work with you. Here is the current ZeroZen Design website pricing:

A business website up to 6 pages is $1,575 and includes:

  1. Content written by a professional content writer
  2. A website design that converts visitors into clients and customers
  3. A mobile ready and optimized website built with WordPress
  4. 1 Year of free website hosting
  5. 1 Year of free website support
  6. 1 Year of free website maintenance

An eCommerce website with 6 pages and unlimited products is $2,075 and includes:

  1. Content written by a professional content writer
  2. An eCommerce layout that promotes sales
  3. A WordPress and WooCommerce powered store that is ready for all devices
  4. 1 Year of free website hosting
  5. 1 Year of free website support
  6. 1 Year of free website maintenance

Get an instant website price for your project.

You will be surprised to know that you DO NOT need a website for your business to succeed today.

Before you disagree with me, here's why:

When someone searches Google for a service, the search results page (SERPS) usually shows Google advertisements first and the Google map second (called the Local 3-Pack).

Businesses who advertise with Google or show up in the 3-Pack get 80% to 90% of the clicks. Below the map, the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd organic positions on Google are usually held by directory sites like Yelp or Houzz.

When a business advertises with Google, they get to decide where to send potential clients or customers who click on their ad. Clicks can be sent to a Facebook page, Google My Business profile, even a profile on Angie's list.

Most of these business profiles have exactly what a potential client or customer is looking for:

  • Hours of operation
  • Locations served
  • Credit cards accepted
  • Products or services offered
  • Reviews
  • Photos

The Google My Business Local 3-Pack, on the other hand, makes the decision making process easier for customers by showing them the business rating, location, hours, and phone number for just 3 businesses fitting the search.

In a world with too many options, this makes things extremely easy.

But here's the catch

NOT having a website linked to your Google My Business profile reduces your credibility. Are you really serious about your business? Are you actually the best business for the job?

People validate the results in the Local 3-Pack by rating, location, website link, and available phone number.

If a searcher goes past the ads and the map and onto the organic results listed, they will likely click on one of the directory sites claiming to show the top 10 businesses matching their search for the area.

So while a business website isn't necessary to get clients and customers from the internet, it does increase the number of leads because of perceived credibility. 


ZeroZen has built over 2000 websites for small businesses since 2011. We have experience working with the following businesses:

  • Construction
  • Septic Companies
  • Attorneys
  • Dentists
  • Doctors and Healthcare
  • Holistic Practitioners
  • Restaurants
  • Airbnb, Hotels, Accommodations
  • Pet Services
  • Salons
  • Manufacturers
  • Online Marketers
  • Online and Brick and Mortar Retail
  • Insurance
  • Gyms and Personal Trainers

Even if you don't see your business type listed, we know what you need. Get an instant website quote to see if the price is right then we'll have a conversation so you can decide for yourself.

We are different than most web design companies because we are more efficient. Other website companies take 1-2 months to build websites, we take 2-3 weeks. Here's our website process with no step skipped:

Step 1: Get an instant website price. This is where it all begins.

Step 2: If the price and website features are right for your budget and needs, you'll pick a date and time to talk on the phone about the website project. We will make sure we've covered all the pages you will need, gotten rid of any pages you don't need, and have a solid plan of action. During the call you'll receive a payment link for 1/3 of the website cost plus the start and completion date.

Step 3: When you pay the initial payment you'll get an email introducing you to your content specialist. You'll work with them for a week. It is up to you to be responsive and clear with change requests.

Step 4: At the end of the 1st week you'll receive the 2nd payment link.

Step 5: Once you approve the custom site content for each of your website pages, you'll get an email introducing you to the site designer you'll be working with. You will work closely with the designer over the next week to create a flat image of each of your web pages.

Step 6: At the end of the 2nd week you'll receive the 3rd and final payment link.

Step 7: Once you approve each page design for the new website the designer will prepare the files for the assembly team. This usually takes 1 day. After that the assembly team will create a working WordPress powered website with the content and designs you approved in the previous steps.

Step 8: Once the site is assembled, usually in 2-3 days, we will have a screen share meeting to discuss each page of the website. This will be an opportunity to make final tweaks and adjustments live in front of you. 

Step 9: You'll get login details for the new website and be able to adjust images and content while it is still in the production server.

Step 10: We'll work together to come up with a launch date to move the website from production to LIVE.

Step 11: Launch the website. A FREE year of hosting, maintenance and support is included with your new website.


You will be able to easily edit the new website on your own. We add a very simple website editor to each website we build. It is similar to WIX, Squarespace or other drag and drop editors.

Editing text and images takes just a few seconds.

If you want to add a new page, or make a layout adjustment to one of your site pages, ask us how first. If we think you'll be able to handle it easily we will create a quick how-to video for you.

If we think the adjustment is above your paygrade or will have you pulling your hair out and rocking in a corner, we'll give you a price for us to take care of it for you.

Our goal is to help you learn how to keep your website content updated. If you have more money than time we'll help you find a virtual assistant who can take care of website updates for you. 

Important! Please read below in full.

We DO NOT believe in wasting money on things that don't work for you. This is very different than the industry standard. I've heard a million horror stories of website companies that disappear once the project gets started.

Here's how things work:

There are 3 phases of the project:

  1. Content
  2. Design
  3. Assembly

Consequently there are 3 payments as well divided over a 2.5 week period for a 6 page (or less) website:

The first payment locks in the tentative start and completion dates.

The remaining 2 payments are due after the content phase and design phase.

If you are responsive and clear during these 2 phases, than you are simply paying for each phase. If the project has more than 6 pages, the payment dates are spread further to allow for those phases to be completed with ample time.

If you are slow to respond, or not very clear on what you like or don't like, you'll likely pay before each phase is complete. 

If a phase of the project isn't going well for you, let us know and the website project will be paused. We will listen to your concerns and do our best to resolve the concerns before moving forward.

If we cannot move forward we will provide you with the work performed up to that point and you will not be billed any further for the project. Anything already charged will not be refundable.

If you choose to cancel the project before the content phase starts, we will happily refund anything paid minus the non-refundable $275 project fee.


There are too many factors to guarantee first page organic or Local 3-Pack ranking on Google. Those variables include location, industry, number of competitors, and the list goes on. Any web design company who guarantees this is blowing a large amount of smoke in a certain direction.

What we do is implement all the best practices we've learned over the years. In many cases this is more than enough to beat competitors in the Local 3-Pack on the map and position you as one of the top organic business results.

After the website has been launched for at least 1 month, we can review the Google rank activity and give you some steps for improving your rank or let you know what we can do next to get you moving to the top.

Because it works!

and here's why...

When you visited this our website you already knew you were interested in finding a website designer. We likely showed up in a search you did, or you found us through another website.


That validated the fact that we build websites. When people are visiting a website for the first time they have a subconscious or maybe conscious set of criteria they are looking for.

Examples: - price tag under $2k, Does it come with hosting?

The sooner these questions are answered, the sooner we become validated as fitting the initial criteria as a possible service provider.

We have found that adding a bunch of fluff and wow to a website makes it harder for people to validate the business as a possible solution. The harder it is, the more likely it is that they click the back button and continue their search elsewhere.

Probably not.

We work with local businesses that typically target local clients and customers. Us, on the other hand, are targeting clients nationwide.

Our site is designed for a larger audience. Your site will follow a model that has been proven time and time again to rank well in Google for local searches.

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