Swimming Pool Company Website Review


Here we take a look at 365pools.com, for a swimming pool company website review. I will be giving some awesome quick tips on how to improve their website presence and conversion. Remember, your website is the only thing marketing your business and facing new customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

In this review, we cover:

  1. The importance of easy contact options for your swimming pool business
  2. Making content easy to understand and straight to the point
  3. The importance of showcasing your reviews
  4. Why you need to make sure your website links work
  5. The importance of being informative and how to monetize free information.

Websites referenced: Everything Pool & New Look Tub and Tile

1. The importance of easy contact options for your swimming pool business

If you own or operate a service related company such as pool cleaning, construction, plumbing, landscaping, or anything where you are providing a service to a client, it is super important to include 2 forms of contact ABOVE the fold of your website. If you are not sure what the fold is, it is the break point before a website visitor scrolls down the page. The two things to include are the phone number - A phone number where someone will be speaking to an actual person, and a link to the contact or quote page...OR…. to create even better conversion, a form right there above the fold, which we recently did for this client. As you can see, we’ve got the client’s phone number AND a quick and easy form for getting in touch about their services.

We do this because the more clicks and longer it takes to search for a way to get in touch, you are severely reducing the possibility of gaining them as a new client.

2. Make content easy to understand and straight to the point

On 365pools.com when I did my initial glance, I saw 3 main services listed on the homepage. Drain & Clean Pools, Professional Pool Cleaning Services, AND Repairs, Upgrades, and installations. As a potential customer, I wasn’t sure if I was suppose to click drain and clean pools for the pool cleaning service or Professional Pool Cleaning Service. With just 3-5 seconds to capture someone's attention and send them in the right direction, Little things like this can mean the difference between making money and not making money.

Instead I would list your 3 main services first followed up by a link to view all pool services. These three main services should be the ones that generate the most revenue or are the most popular. These become the bread and butter of the company while the others are the occasional revenue generators. On a side note, It is also important to just get in front of the customer with easy services first THEN, once you’ve gained their trust, they should be coming back to you time and time again.

3. If you are a service company you better be getting those reviews!

As a swimming pool business, you are only as good as your reputation. If you have no reputation, you are no good. The more reviews you have that are positive, the more jobs you will get. Showcasing these reviews throughout your website is one of the most important things you need to make sure you are doing. Just listing a bunch of great reviews from Google on your website can mean thousands of additional revenue dollars per month. What could you do with an instant increase in revenue?

4. Make sure your website links work!

This applies to any website, but when it comes to creating a direct sale from the site, making sure all your links work is extremely important. It looks pretty unprofessional if you have links that go nowhere, or worse, to the wrong place.


5. The importance of being informative and how to monetize free information.

365 Pools does a decent job at giving free and valuable information, but they could actually use this information more to their advantage. Here’s an example:

One of the things 365pool service writes about is pool safety. Well - why not offer a complementary service where you will come out and review someone’s pool area to make sure it is safe for children and adults alike. This introduces you to the client at no charge to them. Getting in front of a potential client for any reason at all means you are more likely to convert them into a paying client later. This also gives you the opportunity to see their pool. You can hint on things like cleanliness of the pool and why it is important to keep debris out of the water. All the sudden they are asking you what it would cost to clean their pool. BAM - a new job.

Last but very importantly, I noticed that when I typed www.365pools.com, I got a different website than when I typed 365pools.com. It looks like www is not redirecting to the non www site or vice versa. It is important to make sure this is happening. It can cause some really bad SEO issues but more importantly, It can confuse the hell out of a visitor. If your non www site is not being updated and a ready to buy client visits it, you might not get the business.

Creating a website for your swimming pool business isn’t rocket science but doing it right can mean the difference between 2,000 a week and 20,000 a week. The difference between high converting websites and “just a website” is important to understand. To compare a high converting website to 365pools.com, take a look at other pool company websites that we just completed and see if you see the difference and why.

If you’ve got a website you want us to review, visit zerozendesign.com/website-review and we will get you on the calendar.

Thanks for tuning in!


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