Free Website Audit Tool

What is a Website Audit?

This free analyzer quickly shows you the top technical / onsite SEO problems affecting your website's health and ability to show up well on search engines.

Just like a health check, the audit simply makes sure everything is running as it should and helps you do better online.

Seems simple right? Here's why it's so important

As your site ages or you make changes to content or pages, mobile performance and user experience can be compromised.

For example - if you a page link on your website, and don't do it properly, visitors who click the that link in a Google search result now get a 404 page instead of the page they were expecting. This is bad business in Google's eyes.

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What our Website Analyzer Will Tell You About Your Site

Using our website grader on a monthly basis will give you the best chance for responding to any negative changes quickly.

Finding issues quickly and fixing them is much better than seeing your site drop rank and scrambling to figure out why. Trust me - we've been there!

Our free website audit will help you stay on top of your site's health.

Here's what the report will show you:


Link Status


Page Errors


Site Warnings




Page Errors

Errors with your website pages can happen and chances are, a few already exist.

Some of the errors reported are SSL problems, Duplicate title tags, incorrect pages in the sitemap, DNS issues, Broken code, and 16 other reportable issues.


Also important, warnings can have a big impact on your site's ability to rank well on search engines.

Warnings are typically content related issues on the pages of your webiste.

Issues checked include:

Blocked internal resources in robots.txt, broken images, low word count, missing meta description, and 15 other points of review.


Don't get me wrong, we all hate getting any kind of notice. These are the ones you want to take action quickly on.

Blocked resources, blocked from crawling, robots.txt not found, broken scripts and 13 other points of checking.

Improving Your SEO With a Site Audit

If you have high blood pressure, chances are you are not winning any foot races.

But what if you didn't know that was the reason? Would you just accept that you can't run 400 yards and leave it at that?


You would get a checkup that would lead to the discovery of the "why" behind your sucky run.

Acting on a website audit report will keep your site from losing its ground on search engines, or better yet, gain valuable ranking positions.


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