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If you are not happy - don't pay. You won't hurt my feelings.

Are you looking for a web design process that is transparent, productive, and easy?

Well, you're in the right place!

For 6 years I cried myself to sleep at night wondering why clients hated me. What I found out was astonishing!

It wasn't me after all.

See... the web design process everyone is used to is as broke as the Titanic. Think about it - does it make sense to give someone your hard earned dollars before you get something in return?

My website building process makes sure everyone is happy. You get a website that works and I get another happy client - winner winner chicken dinner!

My web design process consists of 3 phases and 3 to 4 hours of live one-on-one time with me over screen-share. At the end you will be absolutely amazed with the results.

Now let's talk about phase 1 of my 3-phases of web design.

3-step web design process

Simply put, David is amazing! He put in the time, effort, and provided the expertise to make our website great at an affordable rate. Over three sessions, he was so patient and provided professional guidance to make the site exactly what we needed for our start-up company.

McKenzie Dwyer - (review on Google)

PHASE 1: Hello's and Outlines - oh my!

It took me a long time to figure out the first step to building a website isn't actually design.

If you compare the web design process to building a house this might make more sense.

The first step to building a house is planning. This involves assessing the land and figuring out where and how to build. A website is no different.

I'll kick off the first call with an introduction to who I am and what you are getting yourself into. I like to explain my web design services and process.

Next I'll let you take the stage. I'll ask questions about your business or organization and get to know you. My goal is to understand who your target audience is and what this website needs to do for them.

This information will help with our next step - keyword research.

Together, over live screen-share we use some really sexy online tools to to spy on competitors and see what people are really searching for.

This will turn into a website outline.

The outline is a crucial step in the web design process because without it, we are just Bob Rossin' it and that's not what you want.

During this phase we figure out what search terms and phrases you should be targeting. We turn these into rich page titles that make it easy for Google and other search engines to understand what your site is all about.

We are not done yet.

Next I'll tell you exactly what content you need to write and how to write it to plug into my proven website formula.

The same formula I use.

Don't feel like writing content? I can help.

At the end of the call, pay to get the outline we worked hard to create. This is your content roadmap.

If you are not happy or didn't find this phase useful, don't pay and the outline sleeps with the fishes.

Phase 2: Drinks and Content

This phase of the process should take you 1 bottle of wine or 1 six-pack of beer to complete.

I know this because I used the same web design process for this site too!

Using the outline and my steps for creating content smartly, you or your team will come up with info for your site.

Content writing is easier than you think.

It doesn't have to be perfect. In phase 3 of the web design process we will review what you came up with and make it awesome and ready for search engines.

3 tips for writing website content that turns visitors into buyers

  1. More content, more money!
    Most web design companies, affordable or expensive, don't really understand the how's and why's of content writing.

    I've done a lot of research, tested theories myself, and here is what I know.

    The more useful content you have on a page, the more that page is likely to be a 1st page of Google website.

    This doesn't mean go out and create a bunch of content that says the same thing over and over in different ways. This means create content that is well thought out, interesting, and informative.

    The minimum amount of content you want on a "cornerstone page" is 600 words. I recommend creating over 1000 words.

  2. Write conversational content
    I tell this to clients all the time and most of them tell me...

    "you don't know my clients. This type of writing won't work with them".

    Yes it will. It worked with you didn't it? If you want to create a website that works, give it a try. I've spent a long time perfecting my web design services and process.

  3. Tell a story
    Start your content with a story. I don't mean the "once upon a time" kind. I mean the kind of story that hooks the client early on.

    Here's an example:

    " Welcome to my site! If you know nothing about web design, you are in the right place. It was only a few years ago and I was in the exact same place. I had never built a website in my life and I decided to start a web design company! I think this helps me explain things better. Now, my web design services revolve around education and value."

    Rather than simply pitching my website services to the client, I started with understanding the visitor's mindset and relating with them. This will go a long way.

I'll coach you during this phase of the web design process so you can be a content writing all-star.

PHASE 3: Plug-and-play countdown to web site launch

With content ready, we will meet on screen-share again and plug your content into my website formula.

We will review your content and adjust anything that can be improved. If you half-ass your content and schedule this session, you'll be wasting a LOT of money.

Developing a website requires 2 experts:

You - the subject matter expert
Me - the website design professional

Without both, a website will be as useful as a boat with no bottom.

Once the content is added, we will find photos or add your own. We will also finalize the design and branding during this phase of the web design process.

At the end of this call, two things can happen:

  1. The site is fantastic and ready for launching - Here's a recommended hosting company.
  2. You have a little more homework to improve content.

At the end of the call, pay to get access to the site and have it launched.

If you are not happy don't pay. I'll keep the website and you can find someone more suitable. Please note - all unpaid websites are deleted from the server at midnight Eastern Standard Time (New York time).

NEXT STEPS: Whatever you need - I've got you covered

Need business cards? I've got them... cheaper than Vista Print!
Need help with marketing? I've got some ideas
Interested in advertising? Let's talk
Not sure how to get social media set up? Let's figure it out

If you have a quick question, jump on live chat and ask. Need an hour with me? Book my time!

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