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A good website audit will show you what to do to improve website traffic and turn visitors into clients or customers.

This tool is the first step!

Now, let's be perfectly honest with each other...

You have been leaving a lot on the table for a long time now. You know as well as we do that your website could be doing much better.

You either built the website DIY or hired a web designer who didn't live up to their promise.

There is a lot more that goes into building a website than putting images and text on a web page. It takes a solid SEO strategy, an intentional site layout, and a plan for site conversion.


Well guess what... it's all about to change.

This free website audit tool will find the reasons your site isn't doing as well as it should and show you how to fix them.

The audit report will share what is going right, and what areas of your website need improvement.

Follow the audit checklist at the end to fix the site on your own or hand the list over to a web designer and/or SEO professional to fix it for you.

The free audit report contains information about SEO (search optimization), social engagement, mobile optimization and more. Want to see for yourself? See the sample site audit report.

Ok, enough talk, let's take the first step to fixing your website.

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“This site audit tool rocks! I can't believe it's free. Thanks!"

- Elizabeth L.

Website Audit Tool Features

How many times have you gotten something for free only to realize what you feared from the beginning -

It was a waste of time and "free" usually means it sucks!

This free website audit tool will change your opinion of the word free.

To be perfectly honest with you, it's free because we pay a company to make it available on our site.

The audit tool is designed to do 2 things:

  • See how well a page of your website is optimized for a search term you want to rank for on Google.
  • Compare your page results to a competitor's website page.

The audit report that you get is full of incredibly useful information.

Here's what you'll get to see:

  • an SEO analysis, which will show you what Google "sees"
  • a site speed survey - no one likes a slow site
  • a mobile compatibility report
  • a social engagement report
  • a backlink analysis - who's linking to your page
  • a website code analysis

All this arranged in a really easy-to-follow, ready-to-download PDF.

But that's not all!

At the end of the website audit report, you'll get a "how to fix it" checklist so you can improve your website.

Using the Audit Report to Fix Your Website

Here are some really simple instructions that will help you get the most out of the website audit:

  1. Run the report for EVERY page of your website: The report is detailed per page.
  2. Choose a search term: In the field marked "keyword", enter a search term that you want the page to rank for or is ranking for on Google. Each report shows results based on the target keyword.
  3. Follow the checklist: The checklist at the end of the site audit results will show you exactly what you need to do to fix any issues. Follow it and your site will perform better, see more visitors, and create more leads, customers, and clients.

In some cases, it's just better to start over with a new website. We've created over 1000 websites for businesses around the world. Learn about our websites.

Improving Your Site's Google Ranking

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, means optimizing your site in different ways so Google and other search engines like it more.

When search engines like your website, they put it closer to the first page, or ON the first page of Google when someone searches for something they're looking for.


Because Google is in the business of showing the most relevant websites related to the millions of searches that happen every day.

So let's imagine for a minute that you are looking for web design services.

When you do a Google search for "affordable web designers" or "web design services for businesses", or any other combination, Google will show the results that most likely fit what you are looking for.

But how does Google rank websites?

They are constantly "watching" your website to see how people interact with it.

IF you visit my site from a Google search and spend more time browsing my website pages than a competitor's pages, Search Engines contribute that to being more relevant.

Multiply that across other visitors who searched for similar search terms and Google will rank my site higher than than competitors websites ahead of mine in search results.

The free website audit tool is a simple first step to understanding what factors contribute to Google's ranking process.

What are you waiting for? Get started!

Free Website Audit Tool

* keyword = search phrase you want to rank for.