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You'll probably agree when I say - "if it works... don't fix it!"

That's our approach to building websites.

Instead of creating affordable websites using guess work, and reinventing the wheel every time, we use a website formula that is proven and works.

How do we know what works?

Take a look at our website.

Our founder spent 7 months collecting data across hundreds of websites so he could build a website based on numbers, not looks.

What you're looking at right now is the result, and this is where your website will begin.

It's unfortunate so many businesses have websites built that see little to no results.

To create a website right it takes more than a free site builder or an underpaid web designer.

Building the perfect site for your business requires a plan and a process.

Lucky for you... we've been perfecting our web design formula for years.

When we build a website, we take a bunch of stuff into consideration.

  • SEO
  • Onsite Conversion
  • Ease of Editing
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Scalability
  • Trends in Design
  • Human Emotion
  • Visitor Intent

Our website formula is simple actually.

Figure out what pond to fish in to get the most website visitors. Create a website with a layout and content that taps into visitor emotion and intent. Make sure it is ready for mobile devices. Ensure visitors have plenty of chances to "convert" to value for your business. 

Now don't get me wrong...

there are some website designing companies and web agencies out there that do all of this. They cost thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars and work with the mega brands of the world.

We want to work with you so we make building a website and kick-ass online presence affordable. 

“Too much creativity decreases a website's potential to convert visitors into value."

- David Bentley (Founder @ ZeroZen)

Design a Website Starting with SEO

Try building a house starting with the walls. When the house is complete, slide a foundation underneath.

Sound ridiculous? That's because it is!

We build a website starting with Google searches as a priority. In other words, we figure out what people are actually searching for so we know what the website should rank for. And we do it live!

Make sense?

We use some pretty advanced SEO tools to uncover valuable, rankable search terms. Our goal is to find terms that you can rank for in the next 1-3 months. Once we figure out what these are, we build a content outline for you to follow.

Of course there are always considerations.

In some cases, ranking on the first page of Google in 1-3 months is not realistic. In these cases, we look at other, low-cost, ways to drive traffic to your new website once it's done.

This is the starting point to creating a website with intent and purpose. It is also the beginning of our proven website formula.

Conversion Focused Web Design

I'm going to be completely honest with you - 

Too much emphasis today is placed on how a website looks.  

What do people really care about when they visit a website? Am I in the right place and does this company do what I need?

Our web design formula was developed over 7 months using hundreds of websites. It wasn't influenced by "look" at all. We cared about the numbers.

We found out how to build a website people would actually enjoy using. The easier the site is to use, the longer people will stay and consume the content. This is called dwell time.

We turned that research into the website you are on right now. 

In other words, we practice what we preach, and you being here means we get results.

Now that we know what works, we use it for all our clients and constantly measure results so we know when to make adjustments to our proprietary design.

Launching a Site is Just the Beginning

When you hire someone or build a website yourself, creating the website is a small part of the big picture.

Sadly enough, this is where most web companies stop.

We figured out that the weeks after a website launch are just as crucial as creating the site.

When you work with ZeroZen, we'll tell you what needs to be done after your site is live or you can hire us to do it for you.

These post launch steps will kickstart your website's climb up the Google ranking ladder and help you see first page Google rankings faster.

Of course even then the work isn't done. We consult with clients daily to review and develop strategic plans of action. Whether it's creating valuable links to their website, writing awesome content, or designing new call to actions and promotions, we are here to help.

Find out why we get nothing but 5-star reviews by scheduling a risk-free website.

We guarantee you'll be happy you did!

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