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What I know about the web hosts you've probably heard about 

Finding the best web hosting company for your business website just got a lot easier... I hope!

If you've ended up on this page, you likely don't know much about web hosting. To be perfectly honest... when I started this company (and even for months after) nether did I!

If you know you need hosting for a website, your part of the way there.

Finding the right hosting company is tricky. If you go on websites that review hosting companies, they all tell a different story.

Want to know why?

All those hosting review sites want you to click their links. That's how they make money.

I'll be the first to tell you that finding the best web hosting for your site is more about trial and error than about reading online reviews.

As a web designer, I deal with hundreds of website hosting companies. From the Google web host service to the uber-complex Amazon servers, I've had to interact with all of them.

After years of being a web host victim myself, I found a hosting company that is absolutely amazing.

Scroll down and I'll tell you why.

5 reasons why finding the right web host is important

  1. Dependability
    The last thing you want is to choose a web host that has regular outages. It only takes 3 seconds for that perfect client or customer to come along only to find out your website is offline... again!
  2. Security
    You probably don't know this, but just like a cold, a virus or malware can spread from one infected site on a server to another. I'll drop names here and tell you that Bluehost (at least when I was using them) had the most unsecure servers I've ever seen. My client's websites were constantly getting infected with nasty stuff. The best hosting company takes this seriously.
  3. Speed
    Time to share another name with you. One we have all heard of.


    If you don't want to pay a lot for your website hosting and would rather have slow loading speed and lost customers/clients... Godaddy is your best pick. Most of the technical support issues I've had in the past where speed was an issue... Godaddy was to blame.

    Just remember - slow load time = lost business

  4. Freebies
    If you are like me, you love getting something for nothing! Find out what's included with the hosting plans you are looking at. The best hosting company will have a collection of free things well worth the hosting cost.
  5. Scalability
    For me...this is a big one. I build sites that grow companies. Part of growing means expanding your website infrastructure. Many hosting companies charge very little for very limited plans - GREAT! But what do you do when your website outgrows its shell? Doing it right by choosing a hosting company that makes it easy to grow your website is important.

The best web hosting company is built on support

Customer support is the #1 priority of SiteGround.

I have at least 1 or 2 support issues a day that require a little help from the host. I've never waited more than 5-10 seconds to be connected with someone live via chat, email, or phone.

This is extremely important when your website is broken and offline.

The best support I've ever seen doesn't just stop there. They take the time to problem solve and resolve the issue.


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