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Part web designer, part strategist, 100% dedicated.

Notice: I create websites that generate traffic and create new business. If this is not what you want - stop reading.

I want you to know... I get it!

Finding the right web designer for a small business or organization is a bit like hitting the slot machines in Vegas. You might win or you might lose. It's risky.

For 6 years I modeled my web design services like everyone else. I built professional websites on WordPress that took 2, 3, 4, 5 months, even a year to build. By the end of the process, the client was frustrated, my team was frustrated, and we were ready to be done!

So why did this happen?

The way people and web design companies build sites today is broken. That's why.

So what's so different about my website services now?

For starters - I don't think you should pay a dime before you see what you are getting.

I do things differently.

All my websites today are built LIVE with the client during 2 live screen-share sessions. At the end of each session, you pay to keep what we did.

If you don't want it. Don't pay!

It's that simple.

Learn more about the process or learn what I think about the Bob Ross approach to web design.


I met with David this morning to discuss my project. David is a very knowledgeable, friendly and easy to work with individual. He provided some great insight and recommendations that suit my business model.

Jacqueline Gutierrez - (review on Google)

Web design service based on real data, not guesswork

I have a confession... I'm a nerd.

I love figuring out what makes people do things you want them to do on the internet. This is called conversion.

My web design services are not based on the Bob Ross approach. I don't design website pages to look pretty. I build a website for results.

Real world example - This page design you are looking at right now usually has a conversion rate of 20% - 45%.

 What does this mean you ask?

This means I don't have to work hard for my clients. The website does it for me. As a small business owner, do you want to spend all your time chasing the next client?

Lucky for you, I offer web design services that follow the exact steps, layouts, and methods I use for my own business. If it works for me, it will work for you.

If it doesn't, don't pay me!

Affordable web site services that work? Really?

I know what you are thinking. Affordable web design means cheap websites, right?


I've spent over 7 years and 950+ websites later figuring out how to build small business websites smarter, not charge more for them.

I build my websites and landing pages with WordPress. This means you get a site that is scalable. There are also thousands of web developers for WordPress.

Next, I use Beaver Builder and Ultimate Beaver so I can build websites faster. Not only do I build them faster...

I build websites live, right in front of you (virtually)

We make changes together in real-time, eliminating any back and forth emails.

This means you pay for a web design service that is fair, transparent, and fast. Learn more about my unique web design process.

Click here to learn about my 5 guiding principals to good web design

Below are 5 of my guiding principals that are built into my web design services. These are the things I strive for with each client

  1. Make the site personal
    It is really important to make sure website content is written the right way. Content should be written like you are speaking to a friend. When you start using big corporate words to reach people on your website, they will leave. Guaranteed! Instead, make the conversational friendly, "matter-of-fact", and get your point across quickly. Just take a look at the content on this page as an example.
  2. Make it interesting
    Even if you sell the most boring thing in the world, your website should be exciting. A boring company doesn't give you a license to have a stale, stiff website. I try to come up with ideas to make boring clients less boring. I use interesting imagery, smart messaging, and help develop bold statements. If we create a website that is stale, you'll see no results. A good web designer should be able to help with this during the web design process. Be bold!
  3. Make it interactive
    Did you know that Google ranks your website primarily on dwell time? This is the amount of time someone stays on your website. This is one of the most important pieces to the SEO puzzle. My formula includes website elements that are clickable and engaging. This dropdown is an example.
  4. Make it searchable
    Imagine your website as a spider web. How many flies will you catch with a web made of 1 strand? In-depth SEO and keyword research is the first step in my website services. This starts the website on the right foot from the beginning. Remember - showing up for a bunch of Google search words means FREE traffic and business. Combined with step 3, you will have very targeted people coming to the website and they will stay longer.
  5. Make it shareable
    Share buttons, like the ones on this website, are free and easy to integrate. Social media doesn't make sense for every business but your site should give visitors every opportunity to share content, images, and more with others. After all - it's free marketing!

Following these 5 pillars of my web design services means I consistently create websites that benefit my client.

Custom website, custom strategy, killer results!

After you read this, do your homework and talk to other web designers and web design companies. See if they say the same thing.

I don't want to create a website that doesn't grow your business. As a matter of fact:

if my website that I build for you is not getting traffic, or converting visitors into value, I'll work with you to make it happen!

For me, a website is a chance to shine.

I work with each client live so I can get to know you and help solve your online problems. My web design services include live consultation, powerful SEO research, marketing strategy, sales coaching and more.

I generate well over 6 figures a year using a website. There is no reason your website can't do the same thing.

I'll share what I have done and help you reach your goals.

What my website designing services include that "theirs" probably don't

Search word research & competitor analysis

This is a step that usually cost extra with everyone else but this is actually where my web design service starts. Doing a thorough keyword analysis and competitor analysis helps us figure out exactly what content to include on a website.

Before I created this site I spent a little over an hour figuring out what words I wanted to show up for in Google. This research ensures the foundation of your site is build with SEO in mind.

A competitor analysis helps uncover search terms your competitor's websites are ranking for. Knowing this information makes it easier to develop an SEO strategy. A strong SEO strategy can put you on the first page of Google. This means thousands of visitors to your site every month for FREE!

Mobile optimized design

Notice I didn't say responsive or mobile ready. Even though most websites today are responsive, very few web designers optimize the mobile version of the website for better conversion.

Think about this for a minute

When you browse the internet on your phone, you are likely on the go. You don't have much time and you are trying to find something quickly and easily.

Displaying massive images, too much content and a poorly planned layout means mobile visitors have to spend longer trying to find what they are looking for.

Today, people don't wait!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools and training

In the first session we start with research. We figure out what your site "should" rank for. I show you how to write content that will rank for those search terms.

Once the content is on the website, use the built-in SEO tools to finely tune your content for best SEO performance. You don't need to hire a so called SEO expert. Join my webinar and I'll show you how it's done.

Web strategy consultation

While we are working together during the two live sessions, I get to know your business and give recommendations and how-to's for getting things done.

A website isn't a digital Noah's Ark. If you build it, clients and customers don't just show up. I can help you figure out what your next steps will be to generate visitors and turn them into buyers and revenue.

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