Do Regular Website Maintenance for Better On-site Conversion


Knowing a little about the nerdy side of your business is a must.

Lucky for you, knowing how to do website maintenance to keep your site healthy is probably best left to the experts.

But let's talk about how a good maintenance plan can create more traffic and a better website conversion.

Let's face it -

Most people think that once a website is launched the technical stuff is done. But this is just the beginning.

It is uber important to make sure that a webpage has the necessary plugin updates and platform updates. These updates help reduce security risks and increase your websites conversion performance.

Let's take a look at why:

See, when you have a website that is working correctly, people stay longer on the website. This is called Dwell Time.

The longer the Dwell Time, the better a website performs in Google searches.


When people search for something in Google and arrive on a page of your site, Google knows. When that person spends a considerable amount of time on your site browsing content, Google knows. The longer those people spend on your page, the more relevant Google thinks the content is to the search terms they used.

But let's take a look at why your site maintenance, or lack of, can have a big impact on performance.

Think about this for a minute:

If someone searches for something in Google and ends up on a page on your site that is broken, or loads slowly, people will spend very little time before moving on to someone else's site.

Google notices this short visit. If activity is consistent from one visitor to the next, Google will start to view your site as a "bad result" for the search terms being used. 

This means Google thinks that page, or pages of your site is not relevant to the search. You'll likely see a drop in Google rank as a result.

So ask yourself this:

Have you updated your website lately?

If you are like most busy business owners, you simply don't have time or skills, and your site is suffering.

This is where hiring a nerd comes in.


A maintenance plan for your website can help make sure visitors to your page consistently have a great experience.

Proper site maintenance will also help prevent your site from being a target for hacking and malware.

Being a victim of hacking or malware isn't just embarrassing, it is really expensive to fix.

WordPress is the highest rated website building platform. It is very widely used and well supported. This means finding someone to maintain your site is pretty easy.

If you want to update WordPress on your own, you can.

It is usually as simple as clicking a button when an update is available.


Updates don't always go according to plan. More often than I would like, a simple WordPress update has turned into a crashed website.

Enter panic mode!

Updating plugins on WordPress is very similar to updating the platform. Like updating WordPress, you can have problems with the update, leaving your site unusable until fixed.


If your web page goes offline because you didn't do site maintenance, it can be down for as little as an hour, or as long as a couple days. It really depends on the reason.

Either way, you are losing and/or spending money because of it.


Now let's talk about spam.

Not the kind in the can, but the kind that ends up on your site.

Spam comments can make a website run slower. The more it stacks up, the more "stuff" you have on your site that you don't need.



Now that you understand the importance of good site maintenance, let's talk about how to do it.

First, focus on the obvious:

1. WordPress update
2. Plugin updates
3. Reducing spam

In a nutshell, this tool measures your site load speed and tells you what should be improved. A lot of it will mean absolutely nonsense to you but to a trained eye, it is a gold mine.

Things like caching, expired headers and gzip can help make a site load much faster.

And this is just what visitors want.

Faster loading pages mean people can go through more content in the same time it takes them to go through 1 page on a slow site.


Now let's talk about spam.

Not the kind in the can, but the kind that ends up on your site.

Spam comments can make a website run slower. The more it stacks up, the more "stuff" you have on your site that you don't need.


Spam comments can make a website run slower. The more it stacks up, the more "stuff" you have on your site that you don't need.

The top WordPress plugin for keeping site spam down is WP-SpamShield.

This plugin will make performing spam maintenance and cleanup a breeze.

As a matter of fact, this plugin will block spam sent on forms, comment fields and more. It doesn't cost a thing and works extremely well.

I have it installed on 200-300 client sites at the moment and it works like a champ!

Now that we have the simple web maintenance out of the way, let's talk a little more nerdy.

Have you ever been on a website that loads really really slow? Did you feel like throwing your computer across the room?

You're not alone...

A slow loading page can turn a would-be-client into a "wtf" experience. This is not what you want.

To find out how fast or slow your pages load, visit GT Metrix.

Database Optimization

In a WordPress site, the database often becomes bloated with extra stuff you don't need.

Cleaning this baggage out on a monthly basis will help your website perform better.

There are many plugins for doing this, but the one I am most familiar with is called Advanced Database Cleaner.

This WordPress plugin makes it really easy to delete stuff from your database. Of course, deleting things from the database can cause a lot of damage if you don't know what you are doing.

So I recommend having your website maintenance done by a web expert.

Let's recap

Website maintenance is a must for any website.

It helps generate site traffic and a good user experience.

Some of the areas to focus on during site maintenance include:

Updates (WordPress/Plugins)
Spam cleanup
Page load speed
Database optimization

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