Step 1: Website Content

The Process

The Website Content Process

The first step for any ZeroZen website is getting approved content for each one of the website's pages.

This is important because we can make sure to include the final, approved content is included in the site design.

Designing a website without the approved content usually means a longer web design process and ongoing changes to the site design to fit in missing content.

The approved, final content should be Search Engine optimized and optimized for readability. If you're not sure if it's website ready, we can review it and let you know.

I Have Approved Content

If you already have final content ready for your website, awesome!

You're already one step ahead.

We will review your content and give feedback, if any, before sending it off to the designer. If we notice any areas for improvement, you'll want to get that done first.

I Don't Have Approved Content

There are 3 options for getting content created for your new site:

  1. Write it Yourself
    Unless writing website content is your day job, don't try to do it yourself. Writing content for your website that makes Google and visitors happy isn't as easy as jotting your thoughts on paper.
  2. Hire a Professional
    This is a better idea than #1, but you'll probably find yourself spending more than you want to. 
  3. Work Directly With Our Partnered Content Experts (the best choice)
    Because we work with so many business owners, we've been able to build some great relationships with really talented people, content writers are one of them. We will connect you via email to your new content expert and be part of the writing and review process.They know exactly how we work.

Content Writing



Search Optimized

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