ZeroZen Membership


Cloud Site Hosting

Fast, secure servers that can handle any visitor traffic you might get to your site.


5 Free Emails

Get pro business emails and check them from anywhere.


Free SSL (secure site)

Don't pay for an SSL at places like Godaddy and Bluehost. Get it free when you are a member.


Technical Updates

Regular updates to website core files, plugins, themes, and any custom code.


Speed Optimization

Faster websites make visitors and Search Engines happy. We'll make sure it happens.


Enhanced Security

Block hack attempts, hide files, and secure your code. Monitoring for any unusual activity.


24/7 Site Monitoring

We will know if your site isn't showing up for any reason. If we get an alert, we spring into action.


Site Backups

Bad things happen to good websites. Without a backup, your site can be down for hours or days.


Technical Support

Something not working right on your site? Let us know using the member only support form.


Educational Support

Have a question about your website? Contact us via our educational support form.


1-on-1 Quick Tips

Have a quick question about your site, marketing, SEO or other? Jump on live chat and we'll try to help.


Weekly Q&A

Ask David anything about business, website, marketing, SEO, Social Media, etc.


Live How-To Webinars

Attend monthly to learn how to show up in the Google map, and use the built-in SEO tool plus more.

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Wholesale Print

Need to print business cards, flyers, banners, or more? You'll get it cheaper as a member. Guaranteed!


Community Forum

Coming soon

Membership FAQ's

To become a ZeroZen Member, you must:

Hire us to build a custom website


Have gotten a 2-Hour Website Formula site


Attended the DIY Website Master Class in full


The membership fee is auto billed drafted annually on the anniversary of your initial membership registration.

Actually - this is the common misconception.

Let's take Bluehost or Godaddy for example:

The recommended hosting option for a WordPress site on Godaddy is the WordPress hosting plan for $19.99 that includes an SSL certificate for 1 year. (side note: an SSL is required if you don't want visitors to see the "unsecure" notification when they try to go to your websites)

Take a look at this screenshot and you will see that after year 1, the SSL will cost you $74.99/year and the included email will cost something as well but they don't list it.

In other words, when you renew your hosting for another year, you'll be paying $319.87+/year. This doesn't include any sort of technical updates, fixing things, backups, monitoring, how-tos, etc.

The same goes for Bluehost.

Hosting companies do 1 single task - host website and email files. That's it.

If your files (i.e. website) are not working right, it isn't their responsibility to fix it. You will still have to hire someone to fix the issue, which can be costly.

You can cancel anytime.

Send us an email to to let us know you want to cancel your membership. There are no refunds for unused days left on your current subscription. You will still have access to the member benefits until the anniversary date of your membership - when it will expire.


All the benefits listed are part of the membership plan and cannot be paid for a-la-carte.

Around 33 backups.

We keep about 33 redundant backups of each site. We keep the 3 recent on hand for a quick restore and can fall back on later ones if needed.


But better yet - we will move it for you, free of charge, as a sending off gift.


If you send someone our way and they pay for a Website Formula site, pay for a White Label site, or join the DIY Website Master Class, you'll get paid $125.

You will need to have a PayPal account.

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