"Being a member saved me from spending hundreds of dollars when my site was hacked"


From: The Desk of David Bentley

Dear reader,

I've seen a steady rise in issues on WordPress websites this year and it's costing website owners like you A LOT OF MONEY!

Don't freak out though - it probably wasn't because of shoddy work, it's simply because you haven't had a maintenance plan in place, or you opted out of one you were on thinking it wasn't worth the expense.

and honestly... 

I don't blame you.

But the hard truth is - If you don't have some sort of website upkeep plan in place, your website IS going to have problems AND it's going to cost you money you shouldn't have to spend.

So, For a Limited Time, We Are Opening The Doors and Letting Everyone In!

Listen, as you might already know - I've been building websites for a while. What you likely don't know is the first website I ever built was the one for ZeroZen.

That's right - I started this company as a client

And because of this, I learned everything about websites the HARD WAY!

My biggest takeaway so far has been this:

Websites are going to break, stop working or get hacked.

It has happened to 100% of the sites me or any other web company has created.

And when it does, it sucks!

Why? Because in the back of our minds, every second the website isn't working right, another potential client or customer has moved on to someone else and we lost our chance.

And the thing is...

We will never know if this is true.

But what I can tell you is - 

I've Been There, And It's No Fun!

So finally, because we needed it internally, and we were constantly asked by others, me and my team sat down and started figuring out how to build a turn-key maintenance program that would keep our website online, running smoothly, and easy to manage.

To be honest with you, the Membership Program has been in the making for at least 3 years.

I just didn't know how to put everything together in a way that wouldn't cause a lot of work for us, and a giant price tag for you.


The feedback from the thousands of clients we have helped me realize what the membership program needed to look like.

It's Like An Insurance, Gas, And Maintenance Plan For Your Car, But For Your Website

Imagine if...

a company came along and said:

"We offer an insurance/gas/maintenance plan all wrapped into ONE annual membership fee"

And the annual fee was lower than a few trips to the gas pump!

That would be the end to car insurance companies, high pump prices, and most car maintenance providers.

This is what we created - but for websites.

Clients have come back to me time and time again to fix things, add a tiny piece of code, or get their website working.

Each time, I had to charge them $10, $50, even $300. Not because I wanted to, but because I had to pay people to fix it.

But I'm going to be honest and tell you - I hate when people come back for me to fix things, or make a simple adjustment, and I've got to charge them a minimum fee.

Most of the fixes could have been avoided in the first place by being proactive with website maintenance.

Here's What The Membership Plan Does For Your Website

  • Makes sure it's loading

    Some website owners have no idea their website is even offline. We monitor our member websites and if something happens - we react.

  • Makes sure it's loading fast for visitors

    Slow loading sites is one of the biggest reasons people leave a website

  • Makes sure everything is working

    For some reason, random things will decide to stop working, or not work right. We try to prevent this from happening and fix it quickly if it does.

  • Makes sure there's no hacked files or Malware

    I found out about Malware the hard way. It can really do some damage. If something happens, we can fix it quickly.

  • Makes sure everything is up to date

    One of the easiest ways to prevent hacking and Malware is keeping plugins and WordPress up to date.

  • Makes sure you don't get nickled and dimed

    Adjustments here and there add up. Under the membership plan, we are happy to take care of periodic adjustments or additions.

  • Makes sure you know what we're up to

    Transparency is everything. This is why we send out a monthly report about your site and our activity.

  • Makes sure it's secure

    Having a secure website is the first defence in fraud and hacks.

  • Makes sure it's backed up

    We keep abundant backups of each site... just in case.

  • Plus more!

The fact is...

I could charge at least $800 a year for this service.

Why? Because it is a completely set-it and forget-it website maintenance service that prevents bad stuff from happening.

And when bad stuff happens to websites, it costs hundreds of dollars to fix and often costs hundreds more in missed revenue.

But here's the good news for you: Because I built your website, I know EXACTLY what's going on, making it a little easier for me to take care of.

I'll be honest with you - 

I would prefer a bunch of people trust me with their website and pay a little, than chase after new clients and try to convince them I'm great at what I do, or my sites are better than everyone else's.

So here's the offer...

Today, and this week only, you can become a ZeroZen Member and know that your website is going to be taken care of by me and my team of experts.

and if you decide in the first 30 days that you made a mistake, I'll refund your money. (but I don't think this will happen)

Here's What Others Say About Our Membership And Support


Here's Everything You Get With The ZeroZen Membership

  • Fast, secure website hosting

    ($239/year value)

  • 5 @yourdomain email addresses

    ($240/year value)

  • A fully encrypted site (https)

    ($63/year value)

  • Regular Technical updates

    ($900/year value)

  • Load time optimization

    ($36/year value)

  • Complete site security

    ($200/year value)

  • 24/7 site monitoring

    ($36/year value)

  • Daily backups x 2

    ($60/year value)

  • Fast technical support

    ($240/year value)

  • Live chat support

    ($120/year value)

  • Monthly Q and A

    ($120/year value)

A Yearly Total Value Of $2,256

Yours Today For Just $425 A Year (That's $35.41/mo, or roughly 16 days of Starbucks regular coffees)

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Your Almost There! Keep Going...

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You will be paying $800 $425 today. By doing so, you will be automatically renewing at the same rate on the same day each year unless cancelled.

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    Your Success. Guaranteed.

    If you don't feel fully satisfied with our support, expertise, or response time within the next 30 days, just let me know and I will return 100% of your invested amount. I promise you will have a good feeling about your decision to become a member.

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