Massage Website Review for My2Feet


In this website review we will be reviewing This company offers courses, services and products for the massage industry.

In this massage website review we'll discover:

  1. How to create a homepage for conversion. (Think landing page)
  2. Why bounce rate is important for your small business website
  3. How to use Alexa to find out what your site is ranking best for
  4. How to organize your website's navigation
  5. How to combine content and element on your website for better conversion.

1. Your homepage is a landing page

With any affordable web design, no matter what the business or industry, the purpose is to convert visitors into buyers, leads, and customers. Before you can even begin to think about generating revenue from your website, you have to visitors from the homepage to the rest of your website. This means your homepage needs to wow the visitor quickly and effectively. Enough to get that visitor to click further into your website. The best way to do this is to streamline the purpose and content on your homepage. Make an impact!

2. What is bounce rate?

Very simply, Bounce Rate represents the percentage of people that visit a page of your website from another source online and then leave the website before going anywhere else on your website. Bounce Rate contributes to your website's Google rank. The higher the Bounce Bate, the worse your rankings will likely be. The better the Bounce Rate, the better your site will do in search engine rankings. Here's what Google has to say about Bounce Rate.

3. Alexa for president

There are a bunch of awesome tools online to help you understand how and why your website is performing (or not). One of the easiest and simplest of these tools is Alexa. From this you can understand your bounce rate, time on site, and pageview average. You can also get some great information that opens your eyes to how your website might be performing in search engines. Alexa lists the top keywords driving traffic to your site and the percentage of traffic each represents.

If your site is ranking well for keywords not relevant to who you are trying to target, your bounce rate is going to be horrible. It is time for an SEO overhaul at that point. The more relevant the keywords area, the more you will generate new leads and customers.

4. Easy website navigation

Think of your website navigation as arteries. If your navigation options or navigation links are all jumbled up and bloated with drop down options, your visitors will never arrive to the inner parts of your website (the heart). The heart of your website is where the business happens. Your homepage isn't suppose to close the deal, your inner pages are. Make sure your website navigation is simple and streamlined.

5. Simplify content for god sake!

In the 90s and early 2000's it was commonplace to see loads and loads of written content on a website. That is how business was done. Today, this is the complete opposite. Sure, you still need a healthy amount of content and keywords per page, but the number of pages can be chopped. If you have 4 pages on your site that represent your services but each page only has 100 words a piece, consolidate it into a single website page. Simple as that. The less pages there are to choose from, the more you can control where and what visitors do on your website.

Remember - Keep It Simple Stupid!


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