DIY Website Master Course

A 6 hour training course over 4 days where you build a website with the expert.



Hosting + Over $900 Worth of Website Tools + Membership for 1 Year ($425 value)

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The Master Course Includes:



Introduction to WordPress & the Page Builder

WordPress is an extremely flexible and scalable website building platform. Coupled with the included tools (worth over $300/yr), you have a powerhouse of online potential at your fingertips. 

Phase 1 Topics

  • DIY-includes

    The Basics of WordPress

    Learn the lingo and learn where everything is. You'll even learn some WordPress shortcuts to save you time.

  • DIY-includes

    Using the (codeless) Drag-and-Drop Page Builder

    Want to build a website that looks like an adult made it? This is the easiest way possible. We will go into the features available and basic usage.



Creating the Site Structure

Your website should be created to match what people are looking for, not what you want them to see. Getting the structure of your site right sets the stage for online success!

Phase 2 Topics

  • DIY-includes

    Search Engine Research

    How to use free and paid online tools to find out exactly what people are searching for and how competitive the online landscape is.

  • DIY-includes

    Create Pages and Sub-Pages

    We'll cover how to create pages and posts in WordPress and how to title them so search engines love them.

  • DIY-includes

    Create the Website Navigation

    Designing the right intro will buy visitors time on your site. Make it boring or too "creative" and they'll take flight and land in your competitor's nest instead.



Creating a Website Header People Love

The header (very top) of your website is the first thing people see on most pages of your site. It should only contain the things that contribute to the "sale", not the extra fluff that gets people lost.

Phase 3 Topics

  • DIY-includes

    Where To Have A Logo Designed On The Cheap

    Don't have a logo - no problem. We'll cover a list of design resources that will have you looking like a pro.

  • DIY-includes

    What should be included in your header

    What pages should be included? Should you add a phone number? What is the purpose of the site? These are all questions we'll cover so you can create the perfect site header.

  • DIY-includes

    Creating the header layout for desktop and mobile

    Mobile visitors have a different expectation than visitors sitting at a computer. You'll see how to give mobile and desktop visitors the right experience.

  • DIY-includes

    Creating different headers for different pages

    Building a membership site or just want a different menu showing on a certain page? Easy! We'll cover it.



Creating a Professional Homepage

The homepage of your website is often the most ranked page on Google yet many website homepages do a horrible job of "exciting" the visitor enough to take action. 

Phase 4 Topics

  • DIY-includes

    The importance of visitor to website matchmaking

    Learn why getting the flow, content, and media on your website right is so important. Do it wrong and it can mean lost business, Google ranking and more.

  • DIY-includes

    Choose the right layout

    Just like all pages of your website, the homepage has a purpose. Visitors expect to find answers quickly. Are you the company for them or not?

  • DIY-includes

    Design the perfect intro

    Designing the right intro will buy visitors time on your site. Make it boring or too "creative" and they'll take flight and land in your competitor's nest instead.

  • DIY-includes

    Create the homepage traffic funnels

    It's important to realize who the visitors to your website are and how to get them to the right place as quickly as possible

  • DIY-includes

    Decide what content really contributes to the "sale"

    Just because you wrote content for your homepage doesn't mean it needs to be added to it. We'll show you what makes the grade and what has to go.

  • DIY-includes

    To social or not to social... that is the question

    You sell brake pads, who cares if you have a facebook page. Or do they? We will dig into why and when adding links to your social media accounts make sense.



Creating Website Inner Pages

The inner pages of your website are actually more important than your homepage. They tell Google what your site is all about so you can show up in search results and they also turn visitors into value for your business.

Phase 5 Topics

  • DIY-includes

    The Basic Cornerstone Page Design (and why it works)

    Developed over a year, the ZeroZen Cornerstone Page Layout is driving traffic, business, and dollars for hundreds of businesses worldwide.

  • DIY-includes

    Writing Content Google & People Love

    Writing content correctly is a gamechanger for a website. The right content will make both search engines and visitors happy.

  • DIY-includes

    Where to Find FREE Stock Photos

    The internet is crawling with free and low-cost, high-quality stock photos. No more paying an arm and a leg for website pics.

  • DIY-includes

    Choosing the Right Call-to-Action (CTA) Per Page

    The right call to action per page will increase the number of leads and contacts you get... guaranteed!



Creating a Website Footer

Opposite the header, the footer of a site is located at the very bottom of each page. The footer is important because it houses links to other pages, legal info, and contact information.

Phase 6 Topics

  • DIY-includes

    Deciding Which Content is Footer Worthy

    The footer isn't a dump site for all things not placed somewhere else on your site. It still needs to be designed with a purpose.

  • DIY-includes

    The Basic Footer Layout and Why it Works

    Learn the ZeroZen Website Formula footer and why it works great for getting people to the right place easily.



Optimizing for Mobile Visitors

Simply shrinking and stacking website content so it fits nicely on visitors mobile devices is not optimizing their user experience for conversion. Mobile visitors have a completely different mindset than desktop visitors.

Phase 7 Topics

  • DIY-includes

    Optimizing the Header

    The header of your website needs to be a ready-set-click area for anything a mobile visitor might need. Email, call, text and more.

  • DIY-includes

    Optimizing pages

    Massive images on desktop result in slow load times on mobile. If the content won't contribute to a mobile visitor converting - leave it out!

  • DIY-includes

    Optimizing the Footer

    Many mobile users speed scroll through content and end up at the bottom. Let's make sure they have what they need to continue their journey through your website.

Join Us In The Next DIY Website Master Course

Don't waste your time figuring out DIY site builders like Wix, Squarespace and Weebly.

Even if you figure out how to use the platform... do you really know what you're doing or will your hard work turn into another dead website online?

According to SWEOR, it takes 50 milliseconds for a user to form an opinion about your website, and subsequently... your business.

If you don't create websites for a living, don't know much about design, and don't know anything about SEO or converting visitors...

What will be people's opinion of your Wix or Squarespace site?

Don't make the mistake of looking like a fly-by-night business online. Be part of the next DIY Website Master Course.

Master Course Registration

$475 / Lifetime Attendance


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Member Feedback:


David at Zero Zen is the best offer out there. He knows his stuff and will not only design you a nice site but make sure the site is doing what you want it to do. Remember, your website is your biggest marketing tool.

He's also a nice guy. And as someone who gets paid to write and has my own ideas, I'm not the easiest customer to deal with.

Whether you have lots of experience or none, David will take good care of you.

Anthony Georgetti

Google Review

For someone who did not know how to create a website, David Bentley was a big help in getting me started going in the right direction.
He's creative, friendly, and definitely knows his way around creating a website!

Dennis Burke

Google Review

Simply put, David is amazing! He put in the time, effort, and provided the expertise to make our website great at an affordable rate. Over three sessions, he was so patient and provided professional guidance to make the site exactly what we needed for our start-up company. We will certainly be using ZeroZen again in the future. Highly recommend!!

Mckenzie Dwyer

Google Review

The ZeroZen team was incredible, they took the time to not only understand my business needs but offer me valuable insight on how to best approach my internet strategy

Zaheer Rafiq

Facebook Review

Frequently Answered Questions:

What if I'm technically "challenged" will I be able to build a site?

Yes. I believe so.

You can also watch the recordings and even attend other Master Courses in the future for free to really get the hang of things. 

What happens after the free year of hosting?

You own the site you build.

You will also be able to keep the tools added to your site.

If you decide you do not want to continue with the ZeroZen Membership, cancel your automatic annual renewal and we will even help you get all set up on another host.

Keep in mind, 1 year of membership (and hosting) is included with the course.

If I'm struggling to build the site, can you give 1-on-1 help?

Yes, but you will have to pay for consultation time.

This course is designed to be stupid simple. Meaning...

If you follow along, do your offline homework, and listen to recommendations, there is no reason you shouldn't have a professional website quickly.

You will also have access to each session recording and be able to attend a later course at no additional cost.

Do you offer a guarantee or refunds?


If you want to cancel and get a refund, let me know at the end of the first lesson (Intro to WordPress and Page Builder).

The cancellation notification must be within 8 hours of the first lesson ending.

You will receive a 100% refund for the Master Course - no questions asked.

Any requests after the 8 hour cancellation period will be looked at on a case by case basis.

I'm new at all this. Will I get it?


I've taught people of all ages and backgrounds how to build a website. I am confident you will be able to create a professional looking website.

If you just don't see yourself following along for whatever reason, let us know within 8 hours of the first lesson ending and you'll get your money back.

Will the site be optimized for search?

SEO is an ongoing process.

That being said, we do include a great SEO plugin and, as a ZeroZen Member, you'll have free access to a live webinar that shows exactly how to use the SEO plugin to rank for powerful search terms on Google.

The next DIY Website Master Course starts in

DIY Site Builder Comparison:

Squarespace Wix DIY Website Master Course
Cost/year $216 - $312 $240 - $300 $475 then $365 each year after
1-on-1 Pro Help No No Yes
You Own It No No Yes
Hosting Included Yes Yes Yes
Free SSL Yes Yes Yes
Email Included No (required GSuite) No (requires GSuite) Yes
Marketing/Sales/SEO Webinars No No Yes
Wholesale Print Pricing No No Yes
Weekly Live Q&A No No Yes

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Master Course Registration

$475 / Lifetime Attendance


If you are unsatisfied with the first session of the Master Course for any reason, let us know and we will refund your money in full.

Cancellation requests must be submitted by email within 8 hours of the first session ending. If a request is made after the 8 hour period, there is no guarantee of refund but we will review each request on a case by case basis.

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