Catering Website Review for City Chefs Catering

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In this catering website review we will be reviewing City Chefs is a catering company located in Sunnyside Queens New York. The company was started by 3 veteran New York chefs that combined their talents and knowledge to create an amazing company. How does their website compare to the culinary art they create?

In this catering website review we'll discover:

  1. Why a template isn't always best
  2. Stock photography doesn't always sell your products. Beware!
  3. Why a "selling" experience is important
  4. Why great photos WILL sell your business
  5. How using will help you discover how to build a better website
  6. How to get the most out of your navigation, and pages
  7. How to design a contact page for best results
  8. Why a blog should be a place for useful info, not hard-selling your company

1. Why affordable website templates suck!

Ok, so maybe all WordPress templates don't suck, but one thing is for sure... they are not designed specifically for your business and your needs. An affordable web design created specifically for your business will generally generate more conversion than a "one-size-fits-all" website approach.

Aside from conversion downfalls, using a pre-created template that has not been tried and tested will often lead to development nightmares down the road. If your business is unique, don't you think your website should be too? Not just catering websites but ALL websites.

2. Stock photography can make or break a site

Choosing the right stock photography for your website is important for your brand and website conversion. It is important that images chosen for your site reflect your brand and feeling you trying to create on your site. There are many stock photo sites out there but our favorite is Dollar Photo Club. Photos are just $1!

3. Your website is for "selling" an experience

Are you someone who "has a website"? How much traffic and additional revenue is that "website" creating for your business? If you are like most small business owners, your cheap website is more "cheap" than website.

Simply having a website just to have a website is probably doing more harm to your business than good. Contrary to popular belief, people are not coming to your website just to get contact information so they can get in touch. People are visiting your website to "experience" your company BEFORE they decide to get in touch further. If your website doesn't create an experience that sells your company, you are likely missing out on hundreds, or even thousands of revenue dollars.

4. Navigation & page arrangement

Creating a simple-to-use website navigation means visitors will have an easier time getting in and out of your websites pages. Design a website navigation that makes sense to visitors and helps them get from point A to B the easiest.

Make the most out of your website pages and use all available real-estate. Rather than adding a false link in your main navigation just to display drop down options, use that page to highlight important information and benefit your SEO efforts.

5. A website blog is for sharing great information

All to often businesses use their social media and website blog for self promotion. While this isn't always a bad thing, it can do more harm than good. People are searching the internet for great information. They are trying to expand their knowledge and learn new things. Your blog is for showcasing your expertise and talents. It is an indirect way to sell your business through great information.

Any affordable web design should include a functional blog that is updated regularly. If you do not plan to blog on a weekly basis (at least 1 post a week), don't blog! Plain and simple.


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