What does it cost to maintain a website?

An introduction to maintenance costs you might expect when you own a website.

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David Bentley

Visionary / ZeroZen Design

The short answer is yes.

A website is your doorway to online business. If the site isn't working, slow, or hacked, you're missing out. A website that isn't maintained will work about as good as a car that never gets an oil change.

The cost to maintain a website is worth every penny.

What can you expect to pay for website maintenance services?

Maintenance costs are all over the board and often make no sense at all. One company will charge $20 or $30 a month while another charges $100 per month for the same services.

What gives?

The cost of your website maintenance is going to be determined by 3 factors:

  1. How was your website built?
  2. How busy is the web designer that built your site?
  3. Are you able to add/edit content on your own?
Site showing malware error.

If your website was built with some obscure coding language, you opted for a quick HTML website, or you wanted a really custom WordPress site, your maintenance cost may be more expensive.

If the web designer you are working with doesn't have clients lined up through the door, they will likely use the maintenance fee as a major source of their revenue. This means you will probably pay more.

If you are not able to add or edit content and your site maintenance cost includes this service, you are going to pay more.

Make sure you ask the right questions when you choose a web designer to work with. Don't just ask about the cost of the website, ask about the website maintenance cost as well. If their price tag exceeds your budget and you don't have regular site maintenance, your site will eventually DIE.

If you're wondering what could go wrong with your website, I'll tell you.

Just about everything!

  • Spam
    If your site forms or commenting areas are not properly protected, spam will find you! You will be deleting spam for days and weeks. A good site maintenance program will keep this at a minimum or even prevent it altogether
  • Malware
    Ever visited a site and been redirected to Russian bride or porno site? That's one form of Malware... and it's nasty stuff! Malware is a bit of code injected into one or multiple files on your site. This code is designed to perform various tasks. From sending you to porno sites to logging your keystrokes on a payment page. An outdated WordPress website is an easy target for hackers looking to inject nasty malware.
  • Hacking
    Out of these terms, this is the one you are probably most familiar with. Someone intent on doing bad things can delete your website from the face of the internet forever. Not too good if your business depends on a web presence for success. A website without regular maintenance is as good as dead. Don't let it be yours!

So ask yourself - would you pay for website maintenance if it prevented these things from happening?

The answer better be yes.

As long as the price makes sense, paying for website maintenance is one of the best monthly investments you will make towards the success of your website, online presence and business.

Without a good maintenance program it is just a matter of time before your site faces a catastrophic event you might not recover from.

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