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Affiliate Program Details

You make $125 per referral minus any PayPal fees associated with the commission payout.

Affiliates are paid via PayPal transfer every 2 weeks

You must have a PayPal account to be paid as an affiliate. Any PayPal fees will be taken from the paid amount.

Anywhere you would like. Affiliates commonly promote using blog posts, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and any other ways you can think to promote creatively.

We have some of the best conversion rates in the industry due to our process and guarantees.

Our flagship product, the 2-Hour Website Formula, has a lead to sale conversion rate of 98%.

We have guarantees built into all of our products. Clients are given a time limit to cancel. If someone cancels within that limit, you will not receive affiliate credit for that client. They will only count as a lead in your account.

You can review the agreement anytime at

About ZeroZen Design

ZeroZen was started in 2011 by David Bentley. The company is made up of a handful of people that are dedicated to building awesome websites for small business owners across the globe.

Some examples of industries we've worked with:

Healthcare, Film & TV, Home Services, Vehicle Sales & Service, Food & Beverage, Online & Offline Retail, Social Services, Education, Oil & Gas, Personal Brands, Big Data, HR & Recruiting 

Since 2011, ZeroZen has built over 2000 WordPress powered websites.

To date we have only received 5-star reviews. We have been reviewed on sites like G2 Crowd, Facebook, Google and Clutch.

About Our Products

The top promoted product is the 2-Hour Website Formula, developed by David over the course of 1 year. The 2-Hour Formula is a no-deposit website model where the client connects with David LIVE using Google Meet.

The website is built in collaboration with the client and the client only pays if they want to keep the website and add their content. The success rate/conversion for this product is over 95% out of the hundreds of clients to date.

Learn more about the 2-Hour Website Formula

The next most popular product is the DIY Website Master Course.

The Master Course is a 4-day, 7 module live and recorded webinar course that shows people exactly how to build a website on their own using WordPress and the included website tools valued at over $300/year. The tools are included free for every course participant.

Alumni of the course can attend the course as many times as they would like after taking it the first time.

There is a no-questions-asked full refund guarantee for students. If a student decides the course is not right for them, they have UP TO 8 hours AFTER the first course session to request a refund. After the 8 hour period, a refund may be offered but only on a case by case basis.

Learn more about the DIY Website Master Course

The final product is the custom website.

Our custom website process is different than most web design/development companies.

The process starts with an online insta-quote. Once the lead has a quote, they can schedule a 30 minute Discovery Call with David in order to refine the project and get the final estimate.

We are unique in that we DO NOT do the actual design work of the page templates for the website. Instead, the client works with a designer they choose or one we can recommend them.

Once the client APPROVES the flat designed images of the required page templates, they are sent to us to convert into website pages.

We do this because design is often the sticking point for the web design process and we are simply converting already approved designs into working pages.

After the pages are completed, the functionality of the site is added.

A live 1-hour review of the site is done with the client once it is completed.

Custom sites can often be completed within 2 weeks, which is 50% to 100% faster than most web design companies.

The guarantee offered with our custom websites is that we will refund 50% of their website conversion cost if we DO NOT complete the approved designs to website pages conversion within 48 business hours.

Learn more about our White Label Websites

Member Perks

We are different than many web design companies because we have a membership program.

2-Hour Website Formula clients get 1 year of membership included in the cost of the product.

DIY Website Master Course students get 1 year of membership included in the registration fee.

White Label Website (custom site) clients can opt into the membership program.

The membership program is a subscription model that costs $365/year and includes all the hosting, maintenance, technical support, educational support the clients will need.

It also includes website monitoring, enhanced security, and monthly reporting so members know exactly what is going on with their site.

In addition, members also get:

  • Monthly Q&A sessions
  • Free access to monthly webinars & Recorded webinars
  • 1-on-1 chat support
  • Wholesale print pricing for all things marketing

For more about the membership program click here.


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