A New Website to Kickstart Your Business

A business is only as strong as its website.

Authors Note: If you are not serious about your business, stop here. If you are, read on.

If you’re like most small business owners, you’ve spent hours, if not days, brainstorming and trying different ways to acquire new clients and customers. Whether you sell a product, provide a service, or share valuable information, the main purpose of your business is to make money. Clients and customers equal money… right?

So let’s take a look at the money you’ve spent so far on your quest for new clients and customers. You might have spent money moving into an office or retail space in an area with more foot traffic. You’ve invested a considerable amount on lead purchasing or building relationships through the local Chamber of Commerce. You tried your luck at billboard signage and advertising in the local paper.


These different marketing techniques are expensive, and often a waste. Ask yourself, What did this money get me? How many new clients and customers walked through the door or made a purchase? Some may have worked for a while or others not at all. It probably wasn’t long until you realized the new office space gets no foot traffic during the winter months. Advertising in the local paper may have worked, but there was no way to tell how many clients or customers were a direct result of that expensive ad. The local Chamber of Commerce has helped build some great local connections, but nothing has converted into a sale. You justify your membership by telling yourself it’s an invaluable marketing tool. Really? So what’s next?

May the best website win

Many small businesses owners think about their web presence last. In fact, 50% of small businesses in the US have no website at all. If you’re one of the 50% that does, is it working? Chances are it was built 2 years ago on a weekend for 500 bucks. I can tell you now, it’s not working. At least not like you want it to. I’m sure it gives valuable information to visitors about your business and services, but is it up to date? How many unique visitors land on the site each day and how are they finding you? More importantly, are those visitors turning into clients and customers?

If you invested the time and money into your website that you did in the multitude of other marketing ventures, you would have more traffic and more sales today. Guaranteed!

Here’s why –
If someone hears about you via word of mouth or an advertisement, or any other means, they are 64% more likely to visit your website before deciding whether they want to engage with your company further. Once they arrive at your website, if their browsing experience isn’t good or they can’t find what they are looking for, you are likely to lose them as a potential client or customer… for good! 70% of all traffic that leaves your website without taking any action will never visit your site again. What could you do with a 60% increase in customers? or even a 40% increase in business?

Investing in the right website will result in more money

I know this might seem like a bold statement but consider this. Getting a new website built usually requires a single large investment with little or no recurring expense. The right website can generate new clients and customers week after week, month after month, year after year. Even if you don’t invest time implementing a few easy SEO tricks or spend money advertising, anyone that hears about your company and visits your website is more likely to become a buyer because the website was created to convert visitors into dollar signs.

If you spend thousands on newspaper and internet ads, Chamber of Commerce memberships, and marketing events but your website isn’t up to par you’re throwing money out the window.


The right website for your business will be the best investment you ever made. The perfect website should be easy to manage and created on a CMS like WordPress, which is easy, intuitive, and well supported. The right website should be well designed, mobile-ready, and created specifically for your business. If you’re not sure whether you need a new website, get a free website review.