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SIMPLE Website

$299 + $99/page


$425 + $99/page


$599 + $99/page

5 website pages available

Ready for mobile devices
- included

Front-end easy editing
- included

Basic site analytics
- included

Powerful SEO tools
- included

Social integration (3 accounts)
- included

Secure hosting available

Monthly payment options available

Unlimited pages available

Everything from Simple PLUS

Social integration (Unlimited)
- included

Google Calendar integration
- included

Visitor tracking & CRM
- included

Competitor spy report
- included

Website speed booster
- included

Monthly payment options available

Unlimited pages & products

Everything from Business PLUS

Powerful eCommerce platform
- included

Detailed Sales Reports
- included

Create Custom Coupons
- included

Integrated shipping calculators
- included

Accept multiple payment types
- included

Monthly payment options available

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I own my finished website?

Yes and no.

If you opt to pay for your website online all at once then yes. Once your website is completed you can opt to host with us or we will move your website to a host of your choice. Monthly installment website packages must host with us until the website is paid for in full. You do not own the website until the final payment is made.

I have a website already. Can you use what I already have?

We can use your content and photos but we will not work from the same infrastructure. We don't know who developed your existing website and cannot attest to the quality of their work. We strive to provide a superior product but cannot promise this if we start from someone else's work. Choose one of our website packages and we'll go from there.

What platform do you use to build your websites?

All of our websites are built using the WordPress platform. Each website package includes a front-end editor that sits on top of WordPress to make editing your website much much easier. We also include a number of quality plugins for security, analytics, and SEO.

Do you offer a payment plan?


We do offer a 12-month payment plan. Payment plans will add 15% to the price of your website. This will be reflected at checkout. To get started, the 1st payment must be submitted online at checkout.

Can you guarantee success if I choose your company?

Yes and No

Success comes in many forms. Just launching a new website that converts more visitors into leads is a success over a website that under-performs. Our small business website packages are designed to give you a competitive advantage. With each of our packages, we use what we've learned over the years to help build a powerful brand identity and presence online for your company. With each client, there are unique sets of challenges that require creative thinking and strategy to make an impact. We will do our best!

Will my website be a custom design?


Each website is designed with your industry, company, and goals in mind. We do believe in working smart and not harder though. To avoid charging you an arm and a leg for your website we start with page "cards" that we know work. Page cards allow us to create content layouts that convert the highest. A page is made up of a number of page cards. Once we establish the layout of the content using the page cards, the designer gets to work on making the website your own.

Will my website show up in Google searches?


As much as we would love to be able to build a website that instantly shows up first for people searching for words related to your business, this simply isn't the case. Our website packages are designed to make sure you have all the tools needed to dominate in search results, but there is never any guarantee. If your business is targeting a national or international audience in a competitive market, it may take a while to show up. If you live in a small town and you are the only company selling "jelly beans", you will likely show up first in search results for "jelly beans" very quickly.

Can I edit my website content easily when the site launches?


We are one of the few website companies that offers a front-end website editor with our website packages. This means that you can make edits very very easily. See something you want to change, click it, and adjust the various options available for that module. If you have questions, let us know. We hold bi-weekly webinars for our clients which they can attend any time. Need a refresher - just sign up!

Where are you located?

We are located in Asheville, NC / Kiev, Ukraine / Surat, India. We hold regular remote training twice a week and choose to work as a remote company to offer a lower price to you.

Can I talk to a live person?

Of course!

Schedule a call with us and someone from our team will be in touch. You can also talk to someone via live chat anytime between 9am and 5pm EST by clicking the live chat button on any page of our website.

Sure, there are other web design companies out there that offer website packages. Many of them even build their websites using WordPress like us. While this is great, online success starts with being able to update various parts of your website as needed. We include a powerful front-end website editor that makes photo changes and content edits a breeze. Give it a try for yourself. Click the orange button to test drive the website editor.

Test drive the easy website editor

See how easy editing your own website can be. You'll love it!


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