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No-hassle web design

1. Schedule a date and time
Choose a time you can be available and in front of your computer for 1-3 hours. (That's all it takes!)

2. Work with a website expert
Be part of the collaborative "live site assembly" screen-share. No back-and-forth emails & miscommunication.

3. Pay only if you love it
Why should you pay for something you don't like? The best part is, you only pay for the time on the clock!

Get a custom site for as little as $200. No really! Scroll down for more info.

I hired ZeroZen Design to develop the website for my new organizational development consulting practice, BraveShift. I'm so proud of what they put together for me! Their process is straight-forward. They offer advice when solicited but don't try to tell you who YOU are. It really is about finding a clean, simple way to convey your vision.

- Daniel Doucette - Braveshift

Get a "no-hassle" website built in under 3 hours for $600 or less."

No "estimates"

Website pricing is simple and straight-forward. Pay only for the time it takes to build your site. Get a 5 page, custom website for under $600. We charge $200/hr.


Live site build

I know your time is important and I don't want to waste it. Rather than send you a website design that isn't in-line with your vision, we create it together, in real-time. This eliminates back and forth emails and misunderstandings. It's the next best thing to sitting side-by-side.


Done in a day

No, you didn't read that wrong. Instead of spreading a project out over weeks, it's ready by the end of the live site build. All it needs is your final content touches.


Do the easy stuff yourself and save

We specialize in building websites that get you more business. We'll handle the nerdy bits then hand it over to you. We show you how to easily add and edit content in just a couple clicks.

Not good with content writing? No problem. Let the experts take care of it. We can recommend several places to meet any budget.


Risk free! Pay at the end

One of the biggest concerns for someone looking for web design services is paying up front. It makes sense. This is why I changed my business model completely. Pay for great results... when the site is finished.


Let's bring your business online!

Limited space available. Schedule today!

I can guarantee you won't find another web design service like this. Space is limited, so click the orange button to schedule your live website build.

Still have questions before we start? Click the live chat button if we are online.

Get a custom 5 page website
in less than 3 hours

The "risk-free" website builder

The right ingredients for online success


Do it yourself easy editing

The worse website to have is one you can't update. We make sure you can easily edit your website content by adding an easy-to-use front-end editor. Watch how to use it during the live website build.


Ready for mobile visitors

Today more people use smartphones more than computers to browse the internet. We make sure that the website looks great on all devices. Oh yea, and Google gives better search rankings to mobile friendly sites.


Built on WordPress

WordPress is the most widely used website platform today. It is secure, scalable, and very well supported. Other website platforms are expensive to work with and not easy to use.


Site stats better than Google

Did you know Google Analytics hides about 70% of your search information from you? It's because of this that we include a free analytics tool right in the website. Find out who your visitors are and how they found you.


Add-ons that work

Over the past 7 years, I've tested and tried a lot of WordPress plugins. Each site built includes all the plugins we use on our own site. From SEO to site speed, you'll have nothing but the best.

Ready to start your website project?

Schedule your web design services & let's bring your business online!

No risk, pay when it's done, BUT ONLY if you love it.

ZeroZen is a great team of web designers. They are incredibly open and transparent about their design process so you know exactly where your money is going and, thus, are confident that it is going to work. The staff at ZeroZen Web Design are friendly and took the time to listen to my needs and answer my questions.

- Jeremy Minick


About the founder

Hi, I'm David Bentley. I live in Asheville, NC. I have 4 wonderful kids and a beautiful entrepreneur wife. 

I started ZeroZen Design in 2010 and I didn't even know what web hosting was. Oh yea... and I had never built a website before.

I taught myself everything I know about the using the internet to make money. I've spent the last 7 years learning how to build a website faster, better, and smarter than anyone else.

Everything I recommend to clients, I use in my own business.

Since 2010 I've worked with over 750 small business owners, entrepreneurs, and decision makers around the world. Together we build kick-ass websites that make them more money or create more awareness.

From healthcare to retail, construction to financial, I've been lucky enough to be able to work with clients in just about every industry.

This website ranks for hundreds of search terms like "web design services", "affordable web design", and "low cost websites" on the first page of Google. But you should know... before I started this company, I didn't know what search engine optimization was.

I've been a guest speaker for Google, major universities, and business groups around the country.

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